Real Cats React To Monster Hunter: World's Meowing

There are a lot of things in Monster Hunter: World for humans to like. But what are cats into? Meowing, that's what.

[Image: comori_uta]

Cat owners are seeing what their feline friends do when Monster Hunter's Felyne characters get vocal.

But what do dogs think?


    How'd they react to microtransactions in an MH game? Do their sweet yowls translate to "Ohhh, that's what they meant by 'the best platform to achieve their concept'"?

      Almost twenty hours in and I didn't even know there were micro-transactions.

      After researching it a bit, it appears to be completely cosmetic items. Considering the state of micro-transactions in the gaming environment right now, they should be praised for how they've implemented it.

        Sadly the industry is at the point where not having loot boxes is considered the gold standard.

          Good for Monster Hunter then, as from a more extensive browse of their microtransacrions they don't have loot boxes. Each item is clearly labelled as to what's contained in the purchase.

    my cat doesn't even stop preening himself.

    Zero fucks given always.

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