Real-Life Dragon Ball Hair Is Impractical 

Real-Life Dragon Ball Hair Is Impractical 

[GIF via 876TV]

In manga and anime, Super Saiyans look cool, but in real-life? Cool, too, but absurd.

Pop group Kinki Kids donned Super Saiyan hair for mobile game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. While the hair looks like in the anime, it makes the duo appear stiff and awkward when they turn their heads.

Maybe they don’t have enough S-Cells to rock those locks. That must be it.


  • Wait why super saiyin 3? Surely any other ss hairstyle wouldve been easier and why does it sound like theyre summoning porunga (?) Why not shenron?

    • The article does a poor job of explaining why they have Super Saiyan 3 hair, but the ad itself is to highlight the 3rd anniversary of the Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle mobile game in Japan (they used Super Saiyan 1 and 2 to highlight the previous years’ anniversaries). I’m guessing they’re summoning Porunga rather than Shenron because the game has been hinting at either some new Namek/Frieza saga-themed units or events during their 3rd anniversary celebrations.

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