20 Reasons The Last Jedi Can Never Be Worse Than The Prequels

20 Reasons The Last Jedi Can Never Be Worse Than The Prequels

Some people, myself included, loved The Last Jedi. A lot of people hated it. That’s fine!

Everyone’s entitled to their opinions — I hated Rogue One, after all, but I’m happy for those who got enjoyment from it. But when people say The Last Jedi is ‘worse than the prequels’ I have to question things because really, have you guys seen those movies recently?

I finished up 2017 with pain and suffering this year by re-watching the prequel trilogy back-to-back, and let me tell you: there’s no way these movies are better in any way than The Last Jedi, no matter how much you dislike porgs. Let’s recap. Here are 20 reasons why the Star Wars prequels are super bad and everyone just needs some perspective.

1. Those terrible racial stereotypes

The movie literally opens on Nute Gunray, the Gumby-looking alien Viceroy of the Trade Federation who just happens to have an insultingly stereotypical Asian-esque accent. Because he’s an evil … trade … something.

Seriously this movie opens with some pretty dense stuff about trade and taxes that I don’t think anyone has ever cared about. As a kid I had no idea what was going on there, and as an adult I don’t care enough to decipher it. Next!

2. Jar Jar Binks

Yes, he’s the obvious butt of the joke, but it’s easy to forget the fact that he appears in pretty much the first ten minutes of The Phantom Menace from within a sea of plasticky CG animals running from plasticky CG droid tanks. The effects in this movie do not stand up. Were they rendered on a Nintendo 64?

From this point onwards, we’re stuck with Jar Jar Binks forever (spoilers: they don’t kill him off) and I don’t think I need to convince you how awful he is.

3. That’s not how the Force works

What really stuck out during this rewatch was just how keen George Lucas was to show everyone his cool Force tricks. Almost every battle scene has a shot where one of the Jedi uses a force push to knock over a bunch of droids, intercut in a way that really slows the action down. I don’t get it. It’s not really badass to just… push someone over.

The first Force push in the trilogy became a bit of a meme back in the day, but it’s certainly not the only one in the films. Then add in all the times Jedi use the force for mundane things like opening and closing doors or, you know, Anakin force-floating Padme’s pear (which she’s trying to eat with a knife and fork for some reason) across a table only to cut it THE WRONG WAY and then send it back. The Force is sacred, guys.

4. Yippee!

Okay guys it’s about to get cool, we’re going to meet young Darth Vader. Wait… that’s him? That creepy little blonde kid who’s already hit on Padme twice despite the fact that he hasn’t even hit puberty yet? Okay.

Also can we accept that maybe Qui-Gon is not a great person? He literally steals Anakin’s blood to test it for midichlorians, telling the kid that he’s just checking his health. Pretty sure that’s super unethical.

5. The pod race

Let’s be real, the pod race was actually really cool and holds a special place in my heart (mostly thanks to the fantastic Nintendo 64 game) but the reason for having it seems flimsy and kid-Anakin makes everything annoying. Can we do pod racing again but good please, Star Wars?

6. Darth Maul’s scooter

Darth Maul is a badass. The scooter is not.

7. I move for a vote of no confidence in George Lucas

What is this, an Australian leadership spill? As topical as it is for us Aussies these days, Amidala’s solemn motion to the Senate feels like it’s meant to be a big iconic moment, but it’s really kind of boring.

8. That fake Death Star

Where do I even start with the fake Death Star? It’s obviously included as a kind of throwback to its corresponding movie in the original trilogy, A New Hope, but there was no establishment of what this big, slightly ball-like space station actually was until the fighter pilots go up to attack it. It could be an orbital hospital for all we know.

Anakin accidentally ends up here too despite being literally nine years old, and is somehow able to fly right up to the reactor core without anyone even noticing, let alone trying to stop him. I really feel bad for all the professional fighter pilots who were shown up by this kid who snuck onto their mission.

9. This is how you ruin Duel Of The Fates

Duel of the Fates (and, by extension, Darth Maul) is the only good part about this film. In fact it’s probably the best lightsaber fight sequence in any Star Wars film ever.

Only, I forgot that it was intercut with gratuitous scenes of Jar Jar Binks being a ‘bombad general’ and killing lots of droids through sheer incompetence. Please end this suffering.

10. It only gets worse from here

Some people think The Phantom Menace is the worst movie of the trilogy. I want to know if they’ve seen Attack of the Clones. It’s a full 142 minutes of shit all happening, with the main focus being on the poorly-done love story and the best character, Obi Wan, being wasted on a weird subplot that only exists to explain clones and ruin Boba Fett for everyone.

11. Anakin just… stop

If you thought kid Anakin was bad, teen Anakin is here to ruin your day. There’s a scene in this film where he complains to the girl he’s trying to woo that his teacher just doesn’t get him, and that he’s probably already better than Obi Wan anyway. I think this is meant to count as flirting.

Here are some other lines that I think are meant to count as flirting:

  • “Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential to a Jedi’s life. So you might say, that we are encouraged to love.”
  • “From the moment I met you, all those years ago, not a day has gone by when I haven’t thought of you. And now that I’m with you again… I’m in agony. The closer I get to you, the worse it gets. The thought of not being with you- I can’t breath. I’m haunted by the kiss that you should never have given me. My heart is beating… hoping that kiss will not become a scar. You are in my very soul, tormenting me.”
  • (Then, when she doesn’t answer) “If you are suffering as much as I am, please tell me.”
  • “I killed them all. And not just the men. But the women… and the children too.”
  • “You’re asking me to be rational. That is something that I know I cannot do. Believe me, I wish I could just wish away my feelings, but I can’t.”
  • “So have you, grown more beautiful. For a senator, I mean.”
  • “I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.”

And here are some of the lines that are Padme clearly trying to shut him down:

  • “Please don’t look at me like that. It makes me feel uncomfortable.”
  • “Ani, you’ll always be that little boy I knew on Tatooine.”
  • “We live in a real world, come back to it.”

The hardest suspension of disbelief in this movie isn’t spinning jumping lightsaber master Yoda, it’s believing that somehow Padme found Anakin endearing enough to fall for him. He’s the kind of dude you ghost on Tinder after he starts getting way too intense and telling you about all his childhood trauma straight away.

It feels like the first half of the movie is written by someone who doesn’t believe Padme could ever get with Anakin, and the second half is written by someone who is stressing out because them being together is kind of the whole basis for the third movie.

12. Padme is in a bucket

Padme is in a bucket. Padme spends an unreasonably long time trying to get out of said bucket.

13. Congratulations, you just made lightsabers uncool

I didn’t think it was possible, but the huge battle scene on Geonosis made Jedi look really uncool. There’s something about all those lightsabers flashing around that just becomes really comical really quickly. It looks more like some kind of MMO, where every character is a player-made custom with clashing outfits and special powers. Plus, how do so many Jedi die when we’ve already seen single Jedi holding off way more droids than were in the arena?

I don’t think I want to be a Jedi anymore.

14. There’s comic relief, then there’s this

Even with Jar Jar in the picture, I think this wins the prize for worst comic relief gag that’s dragged out the longest.

15. Yoda with a lightsaber

I think I liked it better when Yoda’s mastery of the force was left to the imagination.

16. Ewan McGregor gives up on the franchise

By the time we get to Revenge of the Sith, you really get the feeling that Ewan McGregor has given up on trying to salvage something good from this trilogy and is just hamming it up. This makes Obi Wan’s face off against Grevious (hey new evil character for no reason) just really odd.

17. Sheev

From “I am the senate” to “UNLIMITED POWER” Palpatine’s rise in Revenge of the Sith has become such a meme I don’t even know if it’s good or bad anymore. At least it’s entertaining.

18. Anakin doesn’t know how childbirth works

Seriously, the thing that makes Darth Vader become Darth Vader is his concern that his wife is going to die in childbirth? All of this could have been avoided if he’d just, you know, talked to an obstetrician.

19. Quickest dark side turn ever

Though Revenge is by far the strongest movie in the prequel trilogy, this is still the most heinous offence in this list. Anakin’s turn to the dark side is pretty much the entire point of this trilogy, and when it comes down to it, it just doesn’t work.

How does Anakin go from “Mace Windu shouldn’t kill this evil Sith lord because that’s not the Jedi way” to “let’s kill this entire temple full of younglings” in the space of about thirty minutes? Poor form, prequels, poor form.

20. I have the high ground!

Worst metaphor ever, also Darth Vader’s terrible injuries and scarring is because… he couldn’t jump high enough. This is the moment Star Wars fans were waiting for for 22 years?

If you have a spare day and no regard for your mental health, it’s worth rewatching the prequels if only to remind yourself: Yes, they are exactly as terrible as you remember them being. So say what you will about The Last Jedi, but as Star Wars fans we can never forget the catastrophe that was the prequel trilogy. After all, it’s not a story the Jedi would tell you…


  • I don’t think anyone’s ever captured just how bad the prequels were. I honestly thought “at least ep 3 was ok”. Not anymore. Last Jedi wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Everyone both the haters and the psycho fanboys need to understand that nothing will come close to the original trilogy. The sooner we realise that the sooner we can all enjoy these newer movies for their own merit.

    • Why? Because modern content creators are incapable of making a good movie or because the studios will not let them? Art (which I assume films are part of) does not exist in vacuum. If we did not work on improving our techniques (of story telling and of making those stories) we would still be stuck with cave paintings 🙂

      TLJ is a badly made film (content aside). Discuss its design with any film student and (assuming you are able to listen to an opinion of a professional) it will become quickly apparent. The only reason you would ever want to judge it on its own merit is so that you can artificially lift its quality. It is a chase movie, judged by its own merits (and nothing else) someone might call it original, but when placed next to say, another recent chase film, Mad Max: Fury Road, TLJ shortcomings reveal themselves quite quickly.

      The problem is not with the judgement process, the problem is that we live in a society that only has two ranks for anything, and Sith mentality when applying them. You either love something (therefore it is 10/10) or you hate something (therefore it is 1/10). Whatever happen with everything in between (the 8 shades of grey, pun intended).

      You want to know what is the fair rating for any film (and not just TLJ) remove 01s and 10s from the process… 🙂

    • At leat all 3 prequels were coherent. There were no people who won a lightsaber battle when picking up a sword for the first time or gravity in space.

  • The Last Jedi’s reliance on gravity in space to ‘drop’ bombs invalidates this post.
    As does Snoke’s ship being unable to catch the rebels despite more + bigger engines, in an environment where there is no resistance.

    • Apparently the bombs were magnetically propelled and then attracted to the ship, or some such. Was mentioned in an art book, I think.

      • That’s how they tried to get around it, unfortunately the way it came across was they just used gravity. They literally dropped out of the ship, rolled and dropped and plummeted. It would’ve been better to see them eject ouf of the ship in a cloud formation then get ‘drawn’ to the star destroyer. As it stands, it just looked very poor.

      • And the bomber and bombs looked really, really small compared to the target. The whole scene made zero sense to me and made it hard to take the stupid first order seriously or get immersed in the film.

    • But what about the TIE Bombers bombing the asteroids in Empire Strikes Back when trying to find the Falcon? It was in the OT though, so that’s ok I guess….

      The interior of the TLJ bombers had gravity, so once the bombs are dropped inside the ship, after they pass through the vacuum shield they’ll just continue on their course right?

  • This was a fun article. But I love the prequels more than The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Actually, the prequels are my choice for best Star Wars trilogy.

    I don’t understand the hate for the films, but I’m saying that, I hated The Last Jedi.

    • I know how you feel man. I really enjoyed the prequels. Say what you want about them, but compared to these new ones (which I don’t hate, but they feel a bit soulless, hits n memories, focus groupthinked) they at least tried to add to the Star Wars mythos, and universe (and arguably set up one of the richest periods for great ExpandedU/between the films stories – begun these Clone Wars have) – and didnt overdo the fan service (yo dawg, I heard you liked the Falcon!) as much as Disney have been doing. My five cents.

      • Agreed, The prequels might have been trash, but they were entertaining.

        There’s so much to star wars that has been modified to make it a modern story, i.e. there’s almost no aliens. No saber/sword fights. Drama is out of place. The war takes precedence, the loss of entire planets is blinked away and forgotten.

        The new Trilogy isn’t fun or entertaining, it’s Very Awkward fan service. I get that perhaps it was always going to be bad, but the rehashing and rebooting of a simple space fantasy adventure into a gritty war story with unlikeable characters is gruesome.

        • “the loss of entire planets is blinked away and forgotten.”

          I feel vindicated. This was one of my major complaints with TFA and I’ve never seen anyone else mention it. The way a whole solar system is destroyed with little to no fanfare was disturbing to me.

  • As an Asian I didn’t find No. 1 insulting at all, I don’t understand how a Caucasian female can be offended by it.

    • Even if historical context doesn’t matter to you, it’s offensive on its own that in a massive/infinite universe, they had to rely on an old stereotype to provide characterisation rather than come up with something original.

  • To be fair, I have hated all of the new movies (including the prequels and VI). They have changed from interesting Sci-fi to a toy peddling ecosystem that is designed for children and it shows in the themes of the movies.

    • That is a lot of hate… if I am reading it correctly out of nine Star Wars movies you have hated seven of them? I do agree with your summary but I would very much like to understand the logic of seeing so many films you “hate” 🙂

      • I love Star Wars fans that hate everything that came after 1980. So basically you liked 2 movies.

        Also, hate to break it to vaegrand, but even ANH was written for children. All of them were. Lucas has stated this many times.

        • Alright, I am strongly disappointed that we lost a mature Sci-fi in favor of a series made only for the sake of peddling merchandise. I don’t mock others who enjoy it, but at the same time I can’t enjoy them either.

          Ironically the last time I enjoyed Starwars canon was the kids Clone wars series, but even that might have been made easier to stomach thanks to my habbit of heavy bong use at the time.

          • Star Wars was never a mature Sci-Fi. That’s the point. Its a space fantasy adventure.

            There are plenty other mature sci-fi movies/TV shows to enjoy if that is what you crave.

          • I don’t understand this post.

            Are you saying that I should have no opinion on Starwars and should instead focus on other series? Because that is stupid. I am allowed to dislike something; now be off to find your fair princess in another castle, sweet knight.

    • @vaegrand Thats entertaining – george lucas basically invented that toy peddling with the original trilogy. Do a tiny bit of research- theres more than enough information and irrefutable proof there.
      Did you conveniently forget the eowks/ewok movies and animated special? Don’t even try to pretend they weren’t made purely for toy sales….

      • Did you conveniently not read the part where I said I hated six where the strategy was very clearly put in place. If you want to be a prick feel free to do it after gaining a little reading comprehension, but thanks for getting upset because I said I didn’t like some of the movies, clearly I am not allowed to have an opinion, you twat.

    • Yet you’re oblivious to the fact that IV was created for that very same toy peddling purpose? Lucas pitched the initial Star Wars idea as ‘Oh, this will make for some great toys!’ Look at the history between him and Kenner.

      • The themes very clearly changed from V to VI, I am allowed to dislike the obvious change. The fact that fanbois need to rush hard to the damsel in distress that is Starwars has nothing to do with me.

  • You forgot “no actual backgrounds” Just greenscreens and a few metres of walking space, so nobody moved beyond sloth pace. Even when going off to confront the Emperor.

  • The only thing that barely redeems the prequels, is the memes.

    And possibly the entire concept of Darth Jar Jar. Could you imagine the impact of AOTC if JarJar was a secret sith lord that sabotages the movie so that the Emperor wins, and gets killed off by the Emperor. The toy sales …

    I mostly now see the flaws in TLJ because of the prequels showing me that, you can’t undo the past, and everyone makes mistakes, being the theme of TLJ. I like the movie, but I hate the movie too. It’s a spectacular disaster that makes me hate the Star Wars franchise.

    I don’t get that with the Prequels.

    There’s no editing process in the world that can make Episodes 1 to 3 perform the role they were intended to, i.e. Show the Jedi order, introduce Luke’s parents, and explain who the Empire and the Emperor was, as well as introduce the characters for Episode 4.

    Most of the points made are superficial.

    Sure George ruined the movies, but it strangely works because of the Cult of Star Wars. You have to be a fan to read the early draft of Star Wars and not want to laugh or cringe at The Ashla/Bogan side of the Je’Daii , or Darklighter and the laser swords, and who/what Vader is. Knowing that there’s an original story concept that undercuts Episode 1 to 3, and that it’s cringy, is not news. But it’s something a SW fan would know.

    Elements of the Original screenplay draft of Star Wars, are what Episode 1 to 3 are about, i.e. the batshit insane parts of the contextual storyline that make up a ~5 page “crawl” of text that lasts for a few minutes of reading time. The people who helped George make the Original Trilogy enjoyable and watchable, are the unsung heroes of Star Wars.

    Last Jedi doesn’t have this support team that helped make Star Wars “good” or “great” beyond outsourcing each part to a different person and hoping it makes each part good.

    The only way the story makes sense to me now, is if Rian’s Fan Fiction Rey-Kylo romance story is the Main Plot, and he forgot to write the rest of the story. Last Jedi is a master class on how not to cut/edit a movie, and how not to develop a character arc. Each character is their own iceberg in the story perhaps because the writer(s) needed to make an arc, but they don’t change the story after each arc is written in. Plus, Everything is inverted/subverted, because Rian overuses this concept because he thinks this is a valid way to build a story, in pieces like Frankenstein built his monster from pieces.

  • Darth Maul’s scooter is awesome. You must be high, Hayley. 😉

    Episode I isn’t quite as bad as prevailing popular opinion makes it. The Duel of the Fates is still by far and away the best lightsaber battle in all the Star Wars films, and John Williams’ titular score is equally epic too. I loved the look and art direction of Episode I. It’s still quite unique amongst the other films. And the CGI, although dated, holds up better than the comical CGI in the latter two films. Seriously, ILM should not have gotten away with it in 2002 and 2005.

    Typically, the original theatrical and VHS releases (which are the same) is the least worst version of The Phantom Menace next to the later DVD and BD releases. For example, the pod race is mercifully shorter, (and more entertaining IMHO), no CGI Yoda, and there’s none of those small useless scenes George Lucas added in later. The original release is thus much tighter, but it still has the same old faults we all hate like Jar Jar, Anakin, Midi-chlorians, Galactic Senate politics, and the racial stereotypes… ugh.

    Despite all its problems it’s no where near as bad as Attack of the Clones.

    The prequels badly need to be remade.

  • So you’re happy for people that like Rogue One even though you don’t, but people who like the prequel trilogy can go suck it?


    I guess it’s easy to drop the pretense of tolerance for differing opinions when you feel like the mob’s got your back

      • So sayeth Harry Plinkett right?

        I mean forget the fact that an actual critic like Roger Ebert gave balanced, non-fanboy reviews of these movies that were mostly positive.

      • Could you please elaborate on how is that objectivity established?

        If I was to take IMDB as objective source based on a number of crowd sourced votes, all prequels are rated above 6 out of 10. Making them better than average. As such I would argue that fans have provided an objective positive rating…

        Could you please provide a citation or an example on which you are basing your assumption that they are objectively bad? And for the record I do agree with you that they are not very good, but that is a subjective statement.

      • While I agree that the Prequels are not the best, the sequels are not much better, and indeed include at least half the points you decided to post up here in this article.

        You cant say something is objectively bad without providing definitive evidence as to why it’s objectively bad. The other point about saying something is objectively bad is that it suggests people who enjoy them are incorrect in their opinion. Just like someone who believes the Earth is flat is wrong because we can provide objective reasoning as to why it’s not flat.

        A movie, as is the case with all art, is defined by the viewer’s perspective, not some quantifiable element. You could have a film with the absolute greatest cinematography ever for example, but if the story doesn’t engage, it’s not doing it’s job as a movie. This is also the case with art in all forms. If a piece of art is not invoking an emotion in the person viewing it, it is not doing it’s job.

        The prequels, while bad in a number of aspects, are still enjoyed by many. The Phantom Menace I still thoroughly enjoy (I dont like 2 and 3 at all though), because I still feel I can be sucked into the world and be entertained. But do I think it’s one of the best movies ever? No, of course not, because it has plenty of flaws. Does that make it objectively bad? No it doesnt.

        The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi (along with 2 and 3 tbh) however break my immersion in the world and story so frequently that I cannot possibly enjoy them. Does that mean I’m wrong?

        You even contradict your own point. If you enjoy them, how can they possibly be bad? Something that’s objectively bad should not be enjoyed by anyone.

  • I strongly urge anyone with even a passing interest in film (not just the Star Wars brand), to watch the Plinkett Review of the Prequel Trilogy on Red Letter Media. I love Star Wars, love it to death. But I also like film. The Prequel Trilogy are not well made movies. You can appreciate the lore, mythos, or universe expansion in them all you want. But they are terrible films.

    To compare the quality of the Prequel Trilogy with that of the Sequel Trilogy is not remotely fair. If you happen to like the ideas the prequels tried to express more than those of the sequels thus far, awesome, power to you; I recommend you check out The Clone Wars animated series, which Hayley has also written superb articles about here. The show expresses everything the PT tried to, except well. I also happen to prefer that era of Star Wars to the sequel era.

    But the sequels (despite their flaws, of which there are many) are not worse films than the prequels.

    • Love the Clone Wars. Sooner or later Dave Filoni will get a live action SW film to write/direct or at the very least should head the live action SW TV show.

      • Dave Filoni was able to make such a good show (with the help of Lucas) because he likes and understands the prequels.

        Sir Doctor B: It’s nice to hear that the author appreciates The Clone Wars at least, but I still wonder what is the point of articles like this? These are old films now. We’re getting to the point where they’re nostalgia material for people of a certain age. (Hence the recent upsurge in people admitting to liking them)

        We’ve all seen the Plinkett reviews, they’re quite old now too. They forced a generation of fans to admit the movies that shaped their childhood are badly made films. We sucked it up, because frankly (aside from some sheer thick-headedness here and there) the Plinkett reviews are hard to argue with.

        Still I question the point of “x reasons why…” articles like this. It’s almost like it’s deflecting hate for TLJ by pointing at the prequels and exclaiming “Remember them?!” I don’t like seeing The Last Jedi getting torn apart by fans either because I think it was a great movie, my favourite since Revenge of the Sith. But passing the buck to the prequels is a cheap way to try to challenge that hate.

        • Honestly? I really enjoy dissecting the terribleness of the prequels because despite all of this I still have a soft spot for these films. It’s mainly just a bit of fun, but also putting The Last Jedi’s flaws into perspective.

          • Fair enough. You have a degree of influence on how people think though. And right now I just know there’s a whole lot of prequel generation fans just looking for reasons to hate Disney Star Wars even more. Stuff like this will certainly help with that.

          • It’s all a bit boring by now, though. The prequels started 19 years ago this May. We get it, people, didn’t like them, some did… I’m not sure what the point of talking about them in this fashion is…

            I suppose it comes back to a quote from ‘The Newsroom,’ where Dev Patel’s Neal asks the new age bloggers compiling their latest take down piece, “Why is an article about the ten most overrated x better than one about the ten most underrated x?”

            Maybe that’s just the time we live in. Ironic, quirky negativity. ‘It’s rubbish but I love it!”

          • It’s mainly just a bit of fun, but also putting The Last Jedi’s flaws into perspective.

            And there’s the problem here. You’re lacing this article with the underlying opinion that the Sequels didn’t do pretty much half this stuff as well. Either go full meme or dont. The fact that you were entertained enough to mask the flaws in TLJ doesn’t make it a great movie. The problem I have with this article is there are many parts of this that actually come across as serious discussion points, mixed in with a whole lot of memery. When you title the article “Here’s why everyone who says the Prequels are better than the Sequels are wrong” (along with most of the intro) it comes off pretty bad for people who actually had that opinion.

            To me, the Sequels are worse than the Phantom Menace (not 2 and 3) because they are not entertaining. At all. I’ve explained at length in other articles why this is. PM, even though it’s not the best movie, still entertains me way more than either of the Sequel movies, and Rogue One is, in my opinion arguably as good as the OT. Does that mean I require more perspective because my opinion differs?

          • What soft spot? You just wrote twenty reasons you think they’re horrible. If it’s ironic love than ew, shame on you

        • We’re getting to the point where they’re nostalgia material for people of a certain age. (Hence the recent upsurge in people admitting to liking them)

          A fair point. But it’s also possible to like something AND recognise how awful it is.

          But passing the buck to the prequels is a cheap way to try to challenge that hate.

          Agreed. But calling out the sequels for being apparently worse than the sequels is also fairly cheap and is what spawned this article (not saying it’s what you’ve done, just offering a comparison)

        • Hoping her standalone novel is solid. Been meaning to look into that.

          For anyone interested in the new EU books, seek out Claudia Grey’s work. That woman GETS Star Wars. She writes Leia phenomenally.

          Tarkin and A New Dawn were also quite good. And if you can get passed his, let’s say interesting, style, Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath Trilogy are a fun read (but also totally trash).

  • Except Episode 1 actually used models for all its vehicles. So there goes that argument huh.

    This list is trash. Too many people thinking its cool to hate on the PT for clicks and likes.
    The story of the PT was fine. I admit the delivery of it lacked in areas but the way it expanded the SW universe was great. People wanted the OT but didn’t get it so they complained.

    So then JJ made TFA and people whinged because it was like ANH. TLJ is different and people complained. Haha make up your minds.

    • TLJ isn’t bad because it’s different or because it’s the same. It’s bad for two reasons:
      1. Because it has massive gaping plot holes and plot arcs that go nowhere.
      2. Because it portrays iconic characters out of character

  • I will give the Prequels at least one thing over Force Awakens/Last Jedi.

    At least they had villains that were actually… you know… a threat.

    Force Awakens/Last Jedi has Snoke who is such a non-presence that he just doesn’t matter. Kylo Ren who is a pathetic man child. And that general guy who Ren is going to kill in the third movie, probably during a tantrum. Oh yeah and Phasma who just comes in and gets beaten like a villain from a Saturday morning cartoon from the 80’s.

    “I’ll get you next time Finn!”

  • I was going to actually type out an argument here, because the Sequels are as bad if not worse imo. But at times it’s hard to tell if you’re trolling or actually trying to make discussion, so I gave up under the assumption you were memeing because bashing the PT is a hilarious meme everyone should partake in! /s

  • I have a soft spot for ALL of the films, well maybe not the two Wicket films. Since when I first watched episode iv in 77 all things starwars has kept me entertained. Maybe I’m just weird. You can hate or love any of the films it won’t affect my fondness for them.

  • Recently I have posted a comment under this article which was removed by a moderator for breaching community guidelines. I have read through the comment again as well as through the guidelines and it would appear that the comment have breached the “Accusations of Editorial Bias” on the assumption that it failed the following “articulate your reasons for having a different opinion constructively and contribute to a lively but positive debate”.

    I stated that “I am assuming that, in the interest of balance reporting, “We can expect “20 Reasons The Last Jedi Is Worse Than The Prequels” posted tomorrow?” and followed up with suggestions that the pro TLJ articles may be a result of some sort of agreement between publisher and say a studio making the film. If that is the case, I do apologies for said suggestion, it was not fair to accuse the article’s author of being a part of such process.

    That being said, here is my reasoning for my outgoing insistence on wanting to see “20 Reasons The Last Jedi Is Worse Than The Prequels” posted tomorrow.

    So far, just about every single article featured about TLJ was either neutral or positive. I do not believe it reflects the opinion of the public at large, that opinion is divided. The Kotaku could benefit from having a “lively but positive debate” by covering both sides of said debate. For if we are to assume that Rotten Tomatoes rating is correct (and RT insists it has not been altered by bots), the audience is split 50/50 where The Last Jedi is concerned. Naturally, I would assume the same would apply to the Kotaku’s staff/contributors. Some of the contributors within your ranks must have an opinion that is different from the one that have, so far, dominated your site. I would very much like to hear, as RT would suggest, the other 50% of the contributors…

  • If the best people are hoping is that new Star Wars film is better than films from the prequel trilogy… then people are setting their standards too low.

    It’s like saying “well, my dinner was better than being served soup from an toilet that hasn’t been flushed.” Sure, it might technically be accurate, but that still doesn’t make it acceptable.

  • Most of what’s on this list actually makes the prequels good. The only thing is mental conditioning of the social collective. The social collective deems that the prequels are the “worst thing ever”, so places will enforce that at all cost. Just like it’s mental conditioning that we MUST like these new movies because of thing like progressiveness, diversity, no-whiteness, etc because that is what is deemed “right, good and correct” by the social collective.

    I enjoy the prequels for what they are, a less informed, over technological, political mess. Episode 1 has its moments and charms, Episode 2 also has some good moments, and Episode 3 is by far the best of that bunch. George Lucas had a hard task writing something where the ending was already set in stone and working backwards; but as the creator he knew enough to take things in a way that at least created a journey for the central character (Anakin) where as the new films don’t know what to do and have no respect for what came before it.

    • exactly this. sure there are parts of the films that annoy me but I can still watch them, I can still enjoy them.

      There is so much of this happening these days, Last Jedi is just the latest. Pick any new games, movie, tv show and we see this time and again. So much so I presume that everyone hates everything based on what I read online daily.

    • Agree. The prequels were flawed but least had a vision and consistency to the original films. The last Jedi was just a vacuous mess which not only failed to cohere with the previous films (including the Force Awakens!) but just was not enjoyable or interesting as a film.

  • I read an article like this and really have but one thought… why? Sure the prequels had some shaky stuff but this list sounds like someone on a blog site trying to be narky and clever for the hell of it.

    Lets take for example the pod race. One of the masterpieces of the prequels. In terms of effects, music, sound effects, and effectiveness. Its the one time when George (mostly) gets the tone of humour right. its right up there with Duel of the Fates as the two most worthy parts of Phantom menace. I get some dislike it but that means you cant respect the technical workmanship that went into it.

    Thats what a lot of this list is for me, someone being dismissive and derogative for the laughs. Lets face it, once you started dragging Ewan down he and Jango were about the only two on screen who never gave up.

    • Lets take for example the pod race. One of the masterpieces of the prequels. In terms of effects, music, sound effects, and effectiveness. Its the one time when George (mostly) gets the tone of humour right.

      Let me qualify that statement and say that the original theatrical/VHS version of the podrace was one of the masterpieces of the prequels. The subsequent DVD and BD versions added too much cruft to the point where, at least for me, it’s just unwatchable.

      • Huh? Didnt they just add a few extra scenes that makes it a bit longer? Also it adds a bit extra context to how Anakin actually fixed his Pod? Admittedly I haven’t watched it in a while but I dont recall being annoyed by the additions, and I certainly dont think they detracted from the overall podrace being a great moment in the movie.

  • I don’t hate the prequels, but I freely admit they’re not well-made movies. (The Plinkett reviews really opened up my eyes to how many scenes are just shot with people sitting on a freaking couch or casually walking down a hall!)

    Having said that, there are some really great standalone sequences within them. I love the opening to Episode III, the rescue of Palpatine. It’s got great pacing, it’s exciting, and it’s punchy.

    But the biggest crime of the prequels has got to be Anakin’s turn to the dark side, which just comes out of nowhere and is not in the slightest bit convincing. It’s baffling. The entirety of Episode II set up this story arc where Anakin’s forbidden marriage would be discovered, he’d be told by the Jedi council he could either leave Padme or be expelled, he’d go all rogue, be trained by Sidious and then turn into Vader. THAT would be believable. But “oh, you’ve been dreaming your wife might die in childbirth. I can teach you dark side techniques that can stop that from happening. You’ll also have to murder children, but that’s a small price to pay. Your heart’s in the right place.” Absolute lunacy.

  • The prequels are fun except for:

    * Jar Jar Binks
    * Awkward forced Anakin crush on Padme
    * Anakin saving the day

    * The entire lovey dovey part in the middle.

    * Hammy acting
    * Dreadful scripting
    * Dreadful directing
    * That absolute cringefest of a scene between Padme and Anakin on the balcony
    * That absolute cringefest of a scene between Padme and Anakin on Mustafar
    * Do Naboo humans have a gestation period of 2 weeks?
    * Darth NooooOOoooOooo

  • Your list consists mostly of nitpicks. Whereas Force Awakens and Last Jedi already broke the rules of the galaxy they are set in several times. How can Rey be a perfect pilot, forceuser and lightsword wielder on her first try? How can the first Order build a new death star when the Republic is in command? If Kylo Ren is barely stronger than a non force user than how is he considered a threat at all?

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