Ridley Scott Is Ready For Another Blade Runner Sequel

Ridley Scott Is Ready For Another Blade Runner Sequel

Image: Warner Bros.

Androids dream of electric sheep, and Ridley Scott dreams of sequels.

Talking to Digital Spy, he dropped the bombshell revelation that he has an idea for a Blade Runner 2049 followup that he’s ready to develop whenever the oportunity arises.

When asked whether there was scope for a new film in the franchise, this is what he said to Digital Spy: “I hope so…I think there is another story. I’ve got another one ready to evolve and be developed, so there is certainly one to be done for sure.”

This is especially interesting in light of the fact that, one, Blade Runner 2049 did not kill at the box office (though neither did the original, honestly), and, two, the film’s other creators have previously talked about how the 2049‘s plot wasn’t crafted with any sort of sequel hooks in mind.

At any rate, the news is pretty in keeping with Scott’s approach to scifi franchising, with his Alien sequel ideas extending well into the far reaches of the uncharted galaxy, if only he could get the resources to make them.

No word on what the hypothetical next film will be about, but if Scott has his way, we’ll find out soon enough.

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    • M guess Its a story of an unemployed director blowing his trumpet.

      Last week he said Aliens was a superior scifi franchise ignoring hes the reason it tanked.

      And weeks before that sayibg Disbey should pick seasined veteran sirectors for its Star Wars movies.

    • No, please, no. Jonathan Nolan would do that kind of bad movie, not Ridley Scott. Though I must say that Ridley’s sequels haven’t been all that great. But the originals are genuine classics.

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