Ridley Scott May Direct A Disney Movie About Merlin The Wizard

Ridley Scott May Direct A Disney Movie About Merlin The Wizard

The cover of the Merlin Saga Book 1. Image: Amazon

Mere days after director Ridley Scott criticised Disney for hiring inexperienced directors for Star Wars movies, it appears the company may have taken his advice and hired him for another of its projects.

Variety reports that Scott is in talks to direct Merlin Saga, based on the novels by T.A. Barron. The film tells the origin of the legendary wizard who would go on to advise King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. Philippa Boyens, who co-wrote the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, wrote the screenplay.

Merlin Saga is a 12-book series that explores the wizard all through his life. It’s broken down into three sections: The Lost Years of Merlin, which “chronicle the origins of the greatest of all wizards;” Merlin’s Dragon, “where you meet the powerful dragon in the universe — who is also Merlin’s best friend;” and the Great Tree of Avalon, “which takes place in Merlin’s world a thousand years after the wizard’s youth.”

According to author Barron’s website, the film will cover only the first and second books in his saga, The Lost Years and The Seven Songs, and he read a script back in November.

“Today the script arrived for the Disney movie based on the Merlin Saga,” Barron posted on his site in November 2017. “It’s truly fabulous! Yes, even magical. All I can say is I’m thrilled with what script writer Philippa Boyens has done to adapt this story to the big screen. And I’m sure that Merlin himself feels the same!”

As for Scott, the director always has several projects he’s developing and interested in directing. Variety reports, though, this would likely be his next project if everything worked out. He also, reportedly, spoke to the studio about possibly helming a live-action Sword in the Stone remake which, too, has Merlin in it.

The best part of this news, however, isn’t that Ridley Scott may be making a magical Disney movie. It’s that the timing is so awesome. Last week, Scott said the following to Vulture when talking about inexperienced directors making big budget Star Wars movies:

You can get me for my fee, which is heavy, but I’ll be under budget and on time. This is where experience does matter, it’s as simple as that! It can make you dull as dishwater, but if you’re really experienced and you know what you’re doing, it’s fucking essential.

Well, now he may have a chance to put his money where his mouth is.


  • ……where Merlin doesn’t actually appear?
    Ha, I jest, sounds pretty cool tbh.

    His comments from only a few weeks ago on Disney hiring experienced directors had me giggling too.
    Got me curious….coincidence, catalyst or sneaky revelation?

  • TBH, I think a live action Sword In The Stone would be great. So far, I have actually enjoyed the new Live Action things there doing. There not 100% the same as the cartoon editions, but in some ways, I think that’s a good thing. TBH, I would actually really like to see Huge Jackman in one of them. Not sure witch one though.

  • Sooo… Russel Crowe as Merlin for sure then?

    Can’t wait for Merlin to just throw the magic aside and beat a bunch of people to death with his bare hands.

  • The hype and propaganda trying to disguise how awful the Last Jedi is has reached a peak. The movie is falling short of income predictions. Why? A poor director who tried to steal Star Wars away from its creator. So Ridley is right the inexperienced director caused a loss of significant income. He should be fired.

  • This seems like an awfully safe and boring project. I guess that’s the Disney way though? I’m not sure if i’d be able to get out of bed to work on this one. It just seems so……creatively bland. They haven’t even started and I feel like I’ve already watched it.

    Also…. I know it’s pathetic, but i am STILL angry that they butchered the Hobbit into a trilogy. Unforgivable.

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