Rocket League Player Argues With Tournament Over Plane Ticket To Scotland

Rocket League Player Argues With Tournament Over Plane Ticket To Scotland

The upcoming Twelve Titans Rocket League tournament will pit 12 players against each other in a winner-take-all one-on-one brawl. Isaiah Sharrieff was set to be one of those players who would play in the tournament in Scotland — until he revealed on Twitter that he had already played his first round and won’t fly to Scotland.

In a video post, Sharrieff claimed he was told to lie to his viewers about the situation surrounding Twelve Titans, both regarding his passport and his actual flight to Scotland.

Posting a screenshot from a Discord conversation between himself and John “Johnnyboi_i” MacDonald, a commentator for the tournament, MacDonald tells Sharrieff that they can’t get him out to the tournament due to budget constraints. The first round between Sharrieff and Cameron “Kronovi” Bills was played online and, apparently, determined who would get a ticket to Scotland. 

Rocket League Player Argues With Tournament Over Plane Ticket To Scotland

“Just tell people that we sorted the passport situation for you (which we technically did because if you won we would get you one),” wrote MacDonald. “We’ll just need you to not talk about it lol.”

In Sharrieff’s video, he goes on to write that while only 10 of the 12 players invited would fly to Scotland, some were offered significantly more money to do so, specifically mentioning Squishy and Kaydop, and a $US3,000 ($3,849) figure.

“Now I don’t know if I’m ever going to meet my role models Kux and Kaydop,” wrote Sharrieff.

Kronovi later mentioned during a live stream that he knew going into the match that the winner would fly to Scotland and the loser would stay home, and assumed Sharrieff did too. “They’re very transparent with us,” said Kronovi.

League of Rockets, the organiser of Twelve Titans, responded today to clarify the situation. In a statement posted to Twitter, tournament organiser League of Rockets says they always planned to play the first round of matches online and only fly the winners to Scotland. But making that known would reveal who had won the match before the tournament production airs in 2018. League also says that MacDonald’s message to Sharrieff was specifically about passports, as that would also reveal the outcome of matches if say, Sharrieff suddenly mentioned on stream that he didn’t need a passport anymore.

“I wish we could have flown everyone out but we simply were unable to afford it,” wrote League of Rockets. “Although Psyonix was very generous to us, we still did not have enough money to make everything happen that we wanted to happen. We felt keeping the first round games online was a good way to help with this seeing as the games would not be cross-region and therefore competitively acceptable.”

League also volunteered to fly Sharrieff to another tournament later this year to meet players like Kaydop and Kux, but he may not need that offer. During a stream yesterday, Rocket League player Luckey donated $US1,300 ($1,668) to Sharrieff to send him to Scotland.

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