Rockstar’s Humble Bundle Is Pretty Damn Good

While Australians won’t be able to enjoy the horror that is Manhunt, the rest of the Rockstar Humble Bundle is available, and it is good.

The entire bundle consists of 11 games and one DLC pack, with the top tier priced at a healthy $US15. Being Rockstar, the quality is pretty high across the board, and each of the tiers has at least something worthwhile.

As is typically the case, the first tier starts from a measly $US1 while the second and third are priced much higher. Here’s what’s on offer:

Tier 1: Pay $US1

  • GTA: Vice City
  • GTA 3
  • Max Payne
  • Manhunt (not available in Australia)


Shame about Manhunt, but I’m that won’t stop some of you.

Tier 2: Pay above the average (currently $US9.20)

  • L.A. Noire
  • GTA San Andreas
  • Bully: Scholarship Edition
  • Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne


One of the higher priced averages on a bundle for a long time, but put it this way: paying under $12 to get both Max Payne games, L.A. Noire, Bully and GTA Vice City, San Andreas and GTA 3 is a good deal. I’d pay that for Bully and the Max Payne games alone, to be frank.

Tier 3: Pay $US15 or more

  • GTA 4
  • GTA: Episodes from Liberty City
  • Max Payne 3
  • L.A. Noire: DLC Bundle


Probably the weakest of the tiers, unless you don’t own GTA 4 already or want to gift it to a friend. I’d argue that Max Payne 3 holds up better than you’d expect in 2018, although you should be prepared for a lot of frustrating, unskippable cutscenes.

So that’s the Rockstar bundle. It’s worth noting that GTA 1 and GTA 2 aren’t available on Steam. Rockstar was offering it for free through their website, although those downloads seem to have been removed at the time of writing.

Nonetheless, it’s a good deal on the Max Payne games. Did you play them back in the day? And out of all the modern GTA games that isn’t GTA 5, which one was your favourite?

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