Congrats to both riotmos and cffndncr who both managed to guess that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Super Star Wars. Nice job squad.

Now let's try something different.

I have a NEW game for you to guess. I'm fairly certain I've drawn this exact same image before, but I've done so many of these it's difficult to tell.


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    Bio menace?

    Last edited 04/01/18 12:41 pm

    I was going to say Duke Nukem as well, but I'm not sure which one. Initially I was thinking Duke Nukem II, but I can't find a screenshot of the HUD that matches.

      I thought it was Duke Nukem 2 as well, couldn't find a picture to back it up. Couldn't find one of Duke Nukem 1 or the gbc Duke Nukem.

      So I'm still not sure my guess is correct.

    Guys it's not Duke Nukem 1 or 2, because Duke did not wear sunglasses in either of those games (unless you count the Duke Nukem II re-released on Steam where he was given his sunglasses).

    The image does look somewhat familiar and rings a bell but I can't put it to an exact game, I just know it's not either of the two 2D DN games.

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