Well, looks like no-one managed to guess yesterday's ScribbleTaku. Time for round 2!

Here's yesterday's pic for reference!

Good luck!


    What do we have to do?

      Mark draws dicky pictures of alleged games has has played and then we try to guess from his cryptic scrawls. Mark does have a slight allegiance to his Spectrum 48k, so that may give you starting point for eras.

    I can't remember what it is but I'm pretty sure I hated it.

    All I am getting is damn Johnny Bravo flashbacks with the head shot! It does look so familiar though and this is doing in my fragile mind.

    All I know is that I'm absolutely going to kick myself when this one gets revealed. I'm sure I know it from somewhere, BUT WHERE?!

    I finally found the first time Mark used the first image for a Scribbletaku. It was Navy Seals.

    On a side note, Mark's drawing ability has improved a lot since then.

      Good find, well done! Looking at the first time that drawing was used I actually guessed the same game as I did yesterday...

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