Image: Amanda, age 27, Kotaku

Nobody got yesterday's ScribbleTaku, so I come bearing a second clue!

I drew this with my own two hands, and I'm irrationally proud of it. I think it's a good approximation of the thing I was trying to draw. In fact, I've stuck it on the mini Jugger-Nog fridge that sits on my desk.

Here's Alex's clue from yesterday, in case you need a refresher:

His is not on the mini fridge.


    I know the game, but can't think of the game.

    I know I'm gonna kick myself when the answer comes out.

      I mean, it's pretty obviously the Hunt for Red October.

        Hm, my memory must be off then. I have never played that game.

          You're thinking wrong. All games are the Hunt for Red October.

    A hint: it's a PS1 game

      Don't worry Alex, we know one day your drawings will be worthy of the mini fridge

    My instinct says its one of those weird tube shooter games like Tempest but I can't identify it

    Zelda BoTW, elephant boss trunk raise and lower mechanic!

    Data Wing?

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