Nobody picked up yesterday's game: it was Xenogears on the PS1, a classic RPG from SquareSoft and the precursor to the the Xenoblade Chronicles games.

But nobody got it! So let's go with something you might spot a bit easier today.

Good luck!


    Battle Chest?

      Ahhh yes. The famous games that first introduced jiggle physics

        HAHAHAHA! I just realised my spelling mistake!

        Thanks for the laugh. My current work task is really grinding my gears.

    I see your Sega Chess, and raise you Atari Chess :)

    I know this one. This is the Hunt for Red October. I'd recognise the side profile of a Typhoon class submarine anywhere.

    I feel like this is a trick and its actually something weirder than chess. Like maybe the bonus day of the tentacle level from Zombies Ate My Neighbours.

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