Friday's game was Machiavelli The Prince, an underrated MicroProse classic from the early-to-mid '90s. Cracker of a game if you haven't played it.

But let's see if you can guess today's game.

Good luck!


    !!! What are you doing with my dental X-Rays?!


    Ah yes, I remember this scene perfectly, from the Hunt for Red October of course.

      Been watching sub movies lately?

        Are sub movies like when you're watching a movie and then in the movie they play a secondary, shorter movie?

          Christ that would be bonkers. And now I'm thinking of that Magic the Gathering card where you play a game within a game using the cards left in your deck.

          That (sort of) happened within Grindhouse. Tarantino and Rodriguez made a fake trailer for Hobo with a Shotgun to promote it that ended up getting shown with Grindhouse.

          Was so popular they actually turned it into a movie a year or so later.

            Same thing happened with Machete, which is still one of the greatest movies ever made.

        You know, it's been years since I've seen the Hunt for Red October. I should probably watch it again if I'm going to use it as my fallback answer for all these scribbletakus.

    Imma guess beatmania IIDX

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