Some Concept Art From Sea Of Thieves

Some Concept Art From Sea Of Thieves

Image: Sea of Thieves/Rare/Artur Zima

The art comes courtesy of Artur Zima, Stephanie Dominguez and Aidan Wilson. It’s a small snippet of art for now – we’ll undoubtedly see more as Rare’s open-world drunken epic get closer to release.

But until then, enjoy this smattering of concept art from the Rare vault. There’s a nice little smattering of locations to whet the imagination, at least until January 24 when the next Sea of Thieves beta kicks off.

Image: Sea of Thieves/Rare/Artur Zima

Image: Sea of Thieves/Rare/Artur Zima

Image: Sea of Thieves/Rare/Artur Zima

Image: Sea of Thieves/Rare/Stephanie Dominguez

Image: Sea of Thieves/Rare/Aidan Wilson.

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  • I worry for this game. From what I’ve seen and heard, this is really set to disappoint.

    Microsoft really need to lift their game. This is all that’s on the horizon.

      • Oh man. That would be brilliant. I just don’t know that MSoft has a studio under them capable succeeding on what we be a particularly ambitious large-scale project. I certainly wouldn’t trust 343 with that game.

        • 343i have done better the last few years then what Bungie have, but people have short memories it seems.. But no, Halo doesn’t need a game like that.

          • Need? No, sure. Would it even work? Doubt it.

            But that universe is rich with lore and would be well suited to a game like that.

            I suppose my inner-6-year old got excited.

  • A few of us will be on the next Closed beta and we are hoping they have added more content since the alpha we played or it will be a game that gets boring very quickly.

  • I’ve played the Alpha it is quite beautiful! Got sick of Bungie screwing us over and gave SoT a go! So far I like it a lot , it has great potential! I’m in the Beta so next week I’ll get to see how “deep” the game is! Hopefully they give us more of every thing, I actually bought an Xbox for this game so until Anthem drops or Bungie pulls it finger out this will hopefully tie me an mates over!

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