Some Of The PlayStation 4's Best Games Are On Sale Right Now

Image: Kotaku

2017 was a massive year for games on PlayStation 4. Actually 2016 was too!

And just in case you missed out on some of those games first time around, PlayStation has put together a great set of deals and some of the best games of the last two years are super cheap.

A few recommendations? The Witcher 3 at $17.95 is an absolute steal for one of the best games of the generation. Horizon: Zero Dawn is probably the best looking console game ever made, $30.95 is an extremely good price for arguably the best game of 2017.

Dark Souls III, if you haven't played it yet, might actually the best From Software game ever made and — considering its catalogue — that's saying something. It's definitely worth putting down $24.95 on.

But really, you can't go to wrong with anything on this sale. Go nuts people.

Here's the full list:

Horizon Zero Dawn™

Was:$56.95 | Now:$30.95 |

Image: Supplied


Was:$69.95 | Now:$24.95 |

Fortnite - Standard Founder’s Pack

Was:$59.95 | Now:$29.97 |

Just Cause 3

Was:$99.95 | Now:$13.95 |

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Was:$79.95 | Now:$32.95 |

Watch Dogs 2

Was:$99.95 | Now:$26.95 |


Was:$39.95 | Now:$13.95 |

Metro Redux

Was:$39.95 | Now:$11.25 |

Image: Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X

Was:$54.95 | Now:$20.95 |

Image: Gearbox Software

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Was:$99.95 | Now:$17.95 |

A solid list, also worth noting that this is one January sale you don't have to leave your couch for. Avoid the crowds, avoid fighting for parking spots at your local Westfield.

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