Space Strategy Game Is Basically Getting Five Different Death Stars

Space Strategy Game Is Basically Getting Five Different Death Stars

Stellaris, a very good space strategy game, was missing a few things at launch. One of them being *checks list of sci-fi tropes* um, galactic superweapons, which an upcoming expansion is sorting out.

That expansion is called Apocalypse, and will add five different “World Devastator” weapons, which need to be housed on a new ship, the “Colossus”.

Those weapons sound very cool.

World Cracker: Shatters a planet, leaving behind a broken debris field that can be mined for resources. Available to non-Pacifists.

Global Pacifier: Encases the planet in an impenetrable shield, permanently cutting it off from the rest of the galaxy. A research station can be built to study the planet afterwards.

Neutron Sweep: Destroys most higher forms of life on the planet but leaves the infrastructure intact for colonization. Available to non-Spiritualist, non-Pacifist empires.

God Ray: Converts all organic Pops on the planet to spiritualist and destroys all machine/synthetic pops, as well as massively increasing spiritualist ethics attraction on the planet for a time. Available to Spiritualist empires.

Nanobot Dispersal: Assimilates all Pops on the planet, causing it to defect to your empire with its newly cyborgized population. Only available to Driven Assimilators (and thus requires Synthetic Dawn as well).

The “Global Pacifier” sounds particularly nasty, in that I guess I can target the home planet of my enemies and trap them in the phantom zone.

There’s no release date for Apocalypse, but you can see more shots at Paradox’s announcement.


  • Well at least you can finally live out those Borg dreams 🙂

    My little guys will never use them. Adorable little robots that only want to serve you and don’t forget pampering in a dome is mandatory, even if we have to invade your world to do it 🙂

  • The global pacifier sounds very Ur Quan. (Does the research station come with a Spathi supervisor?)

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