Spawn Camped Overwatch Player Sneaks Away, Wins Match

Spawn Camped Overwatch Player Sneaks Away, Wins Match

Overwatch‘s quick play mode can be the pits, especially when your team is hopelessly outmatched.

Sometimes the other team rolls you so hard that you end up stuck in spawn, barely even able to play the game, let alone win. Faced with such a situation, one player took matters into their own hands.

After a few minutes sealed in a Temple of Anubis spawn tomb, Moosio decided enough was enough and switched to Lucio. With the enemy team focused on massacring his teammates, Moosio burst free, danced across a procession of walls and pillars, and landed on the point. Waiting to defend the point was… nobody.

As the point capture meter filled, an enemy Torbjorn desperately trundled in Moosio’s direction. He arrived just in time to watch futilely as Moosio successfully took the point and, with it, the game.

“Lmao,” Moosio wrote in chat.