State Of Decay 2 Gets Rated R18+ In Australia

Image: State of Decay 2/Microsoft

Fans of the original State of Decay will remember how the zombie survival simulator was initially banned for sale in Australia, thanks to how certain drugs were used in-game. Fortunately, it looks like the sequel won't be going through any of the same regulatory nightmares.

Much like the problems Fallout 3 had, the original State of Decay was banned over "drug use related to incentives or rewards". Referring to proscribed drugs, like painkillers and "mild stims", was a step too far.

Update: State Of Decay Banned For Explicit Use Of Illicit Drugs

We've just received a copy of the Classification Board's report for State of Decay, which confirms that the game was refused classification as a result of the game rewarding players for using illicit drugs in explicit ways.

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The game was patched and resubmitted to the Classification Board, earning a R18+ rating with a "mild impact" for drug use. Interestingly enough, State of Decay 2 doesn't have a rating for drug use at all - although the board notes that there's some moderate language, and some zombie survivors hooking up:

State of Decay 2 is due out sometime this year, although there's no official date as of yet.


    Yeah I got the first game on an American account.

    I know Codeine and Paracetemol aren't healing items in real life and understood why they filled that role in a survival game where food, weapons, medical/building supplies were a focus.

    So if it is anything like the first one it will have no sex, drugs or foul language. How the fuck does some violence get this title R18?

      It says in the article and the included graph that it contains mild impact sex scenes and nudity, medium impact language, and high impact violence. Seems pretty fair to me.

    It has been pre-censored. I just checked the ESRB rating and the US version definitely has drugs/crafting of real life drugs.

    "During the course of the game, players can build an infirmary in which they can craft painkillers and opiates; specific drugs referenced include Herbal Remedy, Painkillers, Opiates, Amphetamines, and Pentamezin (a fictional prescription drug)."

    Would be nice if Kotaku did some research before publishing as this is obviously the dumbed down kiddle-friendly Aussie version. Why is this country so terrified of drugs? Good thing I always download uncensored versions via US PSN or Steam etc.

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