Swivel Grips Make Switch Joy-Cons Easier To Hold

Playing multiplayer Switch games with a single Joy-Con isn't the best, especially for those with large hands. Nyko's snap-on Swivel Grips make a big difference, while turning the Joy-Con into an alien fly creature.

I have very large hands, so the already tiny Joy-Con feels much smaller to me than it might to the average player. Playing with one is like trying to drink tea out of a tiny doll cup — yes, I can do it, but I look and feel silly.

I need more grip. I need to feel like I'm playing with a controller larger than a fancy cigarette lighter. There are plenty of accessories out there that add extensions to single Joy-Cons, but none quite as elegantly as Nyko's $US10 ($13) Swivel Grips.

Instead of a rubber grip that Joy-Cons can be placed in while removed from the Switch proper, Nyko created a translucent outer shell that surrounds each controller half. The back of the shells feature a pair of wing-like pieces of plastic that swivel out to become surprisingly comfortable grips.

What's cool about these is they can remain on the Joy-Cons while the Switch is docked, so there's no need to constantly take them on and off.

My hands, so huge.

The downside is that they add extra bulk to the unit when played in handheld mode, which doesn't bother me so much but might drive others crazy. And with so many Switch cases tailored specifically to the handheld dimensions, the Swivel Grips might need to be removed for toting purposes.

Still, if you plan on playing with a solo Joy-Con for any reason, these are pretty great. Pair them up with Nyko's $US5 ($6) aluminium Kick Stand, and tabletop mode is a lot less uncomfortable and wobbly.

Nyko is having way too much fun making Switch stuff.


    Don't ship to Australia unfortunately.... :(

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