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See ya 2017, wouldn't want to be ya.

Hello 2018, the year of good times and everyone getting super shredded and playing good video games.

Let's talk about stuff. What did you get up to over the break? Resolutions? You have any?


    I know why kotaku reposts, with holidays etc. I don't mind reading them.
    But I find it disingenuous when the article doesn't say it's a repost at all, or it doesn't say until you already click into the article.

    Can kotaku change this?
    Even if it just says in the sample text before you click "from the archives" or something.

      On that note I have liked to re read a few recently!

    My biggest gaming accomplishment over the Christmas break was that I finally finished Turok; Dinosaur hunter.

    The game may have come out 20 years ago, and I may have owned it in some sort of fashion for the last 17 (not including when I used to rent it from the local video shop), but I had never sat down and tried to play it from go to woah before this year.

    Assembling that Chronosceptre and blasting away at the Campaigner felt very good. It felt like closure.

    Anyone else got games that took them a ridiculous amount of time from when they first got them to when they finally beat them?

    I think this year I finally finish watching ST: TNG. It's getting close to two years now and I still haven't finished.

    At least I'm mid-way through season 6.

    Beyond that. I might also work though my mountain of shame this year. Every year I plan to get better at Japanese only to fail so I think I'll just finally give the language up this year.

    Hey guys.

    2018 is off to a pretty alright start. I worked NYD, so dat 250% loading is gonna be nice in my next pay. Then some new computer parts showed up on Wednesday, for my new case (I got an Ncase M1 for Christmas).

    Looks pretty good so far. Just need to get some CableMod custom cables, i'm thinking green & black or green & white, i'm not sure yet. Also I might get one of EVGA's PowerLink doo-hickeys for the GPU. Also going to pop in a CableMod RGB strip since they are 100% compatible with my motherboard & that shit & I will eventually be modding the side panel to have a piece of glass in it. It should look amazing.

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