The Beauty Of Japan In Winter

Quick question: During which season does Japan look most beautiful? Spring is probably the number one choice, followed by autumn. But winter is certainly no slouch.

[Image: naagaoshi]

Twitter user Naagaoshi has been uploading a series of stunning Japanese winter photos, showing off just how lovely the country can look covered in snow and ice.

Have a look for yourself!


    Went to Japan this time last year. We were climbing up the mountain that has the Fushimi Inari Shrine. Was quiet and serene...then a light snowfall started. It was simply magical.

    We also had a killer snowball fight in Saporo at midnight during the Snow Festival. So much fun.

    Mt Koya in midwinter is the most beautiful place I've ever seen.

    who cares? sure I come to gaming site for gaming news but suddenly I am now thinking of the Japan, its beauty, its culture. Something I wouldnt have looked up today or thought of if I didnt see it here. My day is suddenly richer and I thought of something more interesting than some stupid gaming news. (edit: this was in reply to someones comments that has been removed)

    Last edited 11/01/18 11:50 am

    Cool "I live in Japan" blog post.

      Cool "I still live with my parents" comment.

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