The Big Question: Regular Or Invert?

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Look, we do this poll roughly once every couple of years, mainly to see how many people have moved over to the CORRECT side, which is invert. Obviously.

Last two times I did this poll, the world tried to tell me that so called 'regular' was the way to go. Come on squad, come to the light.

To clarify, I'm not talking about mouse use, that's a different ball game. I'm talking about consoles and controllers. I for one am tired of having to navigate option menus in order to switch my controller preferences to the ONE TRUE SETTING of invert. I'm even more sick of games that don't even present the option (Wind Waker, I am staring a hole in your skull right now).

Anyway, vote in my dumb poll. I'm not even going to pretend to be objective. Vote invert you cowards!


    Air plane controls, as I used to call em.

      Thats the thing... Airplane controls are that way due to forces of gravity placed on the pilot. The sense of gravity tells the pilot the controls are right and it feels natural... so unless your in a plane or a flight sim that was a tilt bed.

      Training your brain up is down and down is up is alien to me without motion feedback.

        It is really simple. Tilt your head backwards and tell me which way you just looked. Of course it is up. And do so for looking down, you just tilted your head forward. The "inverted Y" settings are actually not inverted and is the right way. It is literally mimicking your head movements for the Y axis. Same goes for left and right, but for some reason, it is not as popular as the up and down.

          Exactly. Whichever a person uses depends on how they view the change in movement.
          Inverted: the viewpoint is that of a person and the player is moving their head as you described.
          Regular: the player is moving the cross-hair up or down the screen in the manner of a mouse pointer.
          Really, it's a question of immersion.

    I grew up playing flight sims on joysticks. Inverted is the only way I can use joysticks or thumbsticks.
    It does make expos like PAX a bit bothersome, especially when some games have no way of changing the setting.

      To touch on that slightly, the best thing I've seen in an expo demo game was mapping the invert thumbstick toggle to the back button. Sea of Thieves did this and I wish more games did, so I don't have to go digging around settings to change it.

    do you mean change the sticks so up is down and down is up?

    or flip the controller like a madman?

      Yeah, this. I invert the look/aim y-axis, but is there some more profound movement toward holding the whole controller upside down ... ?

    Whichever way the tilt controls on the Switch and Wii U are, those are the best.

    Invert for life. Regular is for communists.

      I agree on the first part but that also means that this ancom disagrees on the second.

    Aircraft sims Invert
    Shooter sims doesnt matter i will proably lose anyway

    Inverted for 3/6-DoF flight controls, regular for everything else.

    Invert. Playing regular messes with my head.

    Inverted. Regular (the wrong way*) is simply impossible.

    Depends on the game really, but I generally play inverted if I'm using a gamepad. If I'm using keyboard and mouse though it's regular.

    I grew up in the golden age of space sim PC gaming so my brain is locked in to Inverted.

    This is really weird saying this but I play whatever the game defaults to which generally is regular but sometimes in the opening tutorial i'll change it and just stick to playing in inverted. So I guess both

    Inverted is the correct way. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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    My first +mlook config in Quake was one of the dev's and was included in the install. It was inverted. I have never changed.

    Invert all the way - It just makes sense to pull the stick back to look up just as the neck works...

    Push forward, look down, pull back look up. That's exactly how everyone's necks work. Anyone who plays regular are part of a bigger conspiracy!!

    Wow, there sure are a lot of subhuman degenerates in this comment section...

    Forward is down, back is up. Easy.

    Though what of the x-axis? :P At the start of the year I was playing Splatoon with the x-axis on normal. Then after one week of BotW, I returned to Splats and suddenly could not play. Had to flip the x-axis to inverted, and it persists.

    Invert all the way. And I’m raising a generation of future inverts as my three children have never known anything else.

    If you're not regular, then you're irregular.

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    invert for joystick. Normal for mouse. Apparently that makes me weird?

    Just turn your monitor upside-down instead.

    I've always inverted mouse and joystick on PC.
    But for some reason it doesn't work for me on console. I've tried and I'm always doing the wrong thing, so I've resorted to using normal for gamepads on consoles.

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