The Dragon Ball Super TV Anime Is Ending This March

The Dragon Ball Super TV Anime Is Ending This March

According to Japan’s Mantan Web, the Dragon Ball Super anime will end its television broadcast run this March.

Japanese site Sanspo writes that Dragon Ball Super, the fifth anime in the series, is ending this March, adding that Fuji TV says a new production is currently TBA and that “It’s like not the series is finished.” It’s unclear if, in the Fuji TV quote, “series” refers only to Dragon Ball Super or the entire Dragon Ball anime series.

Debuting in Japan in June 2015, Dragon Ball Super‘s main story arc was created by Akira Toriyama. Initially, the animation was criticised for being low quality, but the show found its footing, introducing new hair colours and, briefly, sexy beards; referencing old memes; and unleashing powerful storylines.

A new GeGeGe no Kitaro anime will take over the Dragon Ball Super‘s current TV time slot in Japan and begin airing this April. Masako Nozawa, who voices Goku, will be voicing Medama-Oyaji and Piccolo voice actor Toshio Furukawa will play Nezumi-Otoko in the new GeGeGe no Kitaro anime.

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    • Super takes place after the Majin Buu arc but before the last scenes of Z at the Martial Arts tournament with uub so any threat of Universe 7 being erased or anything was pointless because we knew that they weren’t.

      So if they return to Super or start a new series I hope it’s set after that martial arts tournament.

      • The future hinted at in DBZ epilogue and later expanded on in GT has been clearly made “alternate” by the events of Super. Goku and co. are now much stronger than they were at the beginning of GT, for one thing.

        The only thing I wish is that they went out and made things explicit showing that in this timeline, an event changed the past 39 years ago, giving Beerus his prophetic vision of the SSJ god, which kick-started all the events of Super, creating this new “main” timeline.

    • It’s obvious that when they win they’ll use the super dragon balls to wish all the other universes back.

  • I’m surprised. I was fully expecting that after the current act they would go onto fighting against the “stronger universes” that didn’t participate in the tournament.

    The most logical explanation is that the series will continue but there will be a time-skip, so they will make a rebranding of the show like they have done in the past. They have referenced Uub a few times so it’s likely that they’ll timeskip to where he can be an addition to the cast, so pretty much GT-time but clearly in another timeline.

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