The History Of Dragon Ball Games

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is looking rad. It's also the latest evolution in a long line of Dragon Ball spin-offs. So lets's dial the clock back - to 1986.

A quick history of Dragon Ball games has popped up on YouTube courtesy of Cussan, going back to Dragon Ball Dragon Daihikyou for the Epoch Super Cassette Vision back in 1986. Not produced or influenced by Bandai (now Bandai Namco), the game saw Goku zooming around on the Flying Nimbus in his bid to collect the Dragon Balls.

It was a top-down shooter, really. Most of the other Dragon Ball spinoffs have been brawlers of some description, whether it's the side-scrolling variants like Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 or in a 3D space, like the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games.

You can see the full recap below.


    Ah the dragon ball series the most overrated anime in existence that won't fucking end

      did you really just come here to complain? if you hate dragonball why even click onto the story?

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