The Internet Reacts To Nintendo Labo

The Internet Reacts To Nintendo Labo

Meet Nintendo’s latest toy: a quirky combination of console and cardboard. It’s Nintendo Labo, and the internet is already having a blast with it.

Announced earlier this morning, Nintendo Labo was basically billed as an interactive way for kids (and “kids at heart) to play with the Switch. What it ended up being was a crazy concoction where people could build cardboard tools and toys that interfaced with the Switch, ranging from cardboard pianos to fishing reels to a mecha suit.

Nintendo Announces Nintendo Labo, A Wild New Experiment For Switch

Nintendo today announced Nintendo Labo, a wild new experiment for the Switch that will allow players to insert the console into cardboard, creating items like robots, fishing rods, and foot pedals.

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The internet’s first move: recreate the Labo, by more or less labelling anything in the nearby vicinity.

And if that wasn’t enough, cheekier gamers took note of Labo’s release date: April 20.

And others couldn’t help but draw comparisons back to the Wii era:


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