The Last Jedi In 16-Bit Is The Good Stuff

Okay fine, cool. But make The Last Jedi's real best scene in 16-bit you cowards.

But look, this is still pretty cool and I'm glad I watched it. You should watch it too.


    That was cool.

    I really loved the film, saw it for the third time yesterday, and unlike TFA, it got better with each viewing.

    I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea, but there are no cheats in the film, I picked up so much more of the little stuff in subsequent viewings. and it is becoming my favourite of the films after Empire and Star Wars.

      I agree with this.
      I've seen the film three times. I too enjoyed it more with each viewing.
      It's not perfect, but it's pretty great; and far more complex, challenging, and interesting than TFA (which I also liked).

    Holy crap, actually actual representation 16bit. my biggest annoyance is when someone calls something 8bit when its actually 16bit

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