The Nintendo Switch Is The Fastest-Selling Console In U.S. History

The Nintendo Switch Is The Fastest-Selling Console In U.S. History

Today, Nintendo announced that the Switch has become the fastest-selling home game console ever in the United States. It surpassed the previous record holder, the Nintendo Wii.

Since launching on March 3, 2017, the Switch sold over 4.8 million consoles in the U.S. In comparison, during the Nintendo Wii’s first ten months, over 4 million consoles were sold in the U.S.

As of December 12, Nintendo sold over ten million Nintendo Switch consoles worldwide.


  • Just imagine how many more Ninty could have sold if they ‘restricted supply’ more lol

    Good job, lets hope for another amazing line up for 2018.

    • After the sales of the Wii U and how many are still available Nintendo took no chances in manufacturing more than required, it was a smart business decision to keep them profitable.
      What didn’t happen is restricting supply make it seem more desirable to sell more or whatever you might think it was.

      • Yep exactly I thought the inverted commas and the lol would have been a give-away but apparently I need to be more obvious.

  • I would say that’s amazing how 12 million Switch units were sold worldwide. I hope we can reach 20 million units before the end of this year and if we do reach 20 million Switch units before then it will be a new record.
    Hopefully we’ll see what new games are coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.
    Keep up with the first and third party support Nintendo because 2018 is going to be huge.

  • Love my switch, didn’t think I would play it as much as I do, but in a day and age when the only gaming chances I really get is while im travelling home from work its a brilliant little device.

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