This Australian Store Is Selling Pokemon Dildos

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Look, it's the one fan-made Pokemon-themed thing that hasn't received a cease-and-desist from Nintendo this year! Maybe because Nintendo aren't willing to come up with their own official replacement for it?

Australian Etsy retailer, Geeky Sex Toys, is selling Pokémon inspired dildos called Pokémoan — and they're fantastic. For $68.32 you can choose from four unique silicon designs that are modelled on Pikachu and the three starters — Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. The latter two already sound filthy, so it's a perfect fit. Hopefully.

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Not a fan of Pokémon? No problem! As the store name suggests, they also sell other geeky sex toys inspired by the likes of Sailor Moon, Game of Thrones and Star Wars.

I'm hoping that one day we'll see the seller branch out a little more. Everyone loves a Slowpoke, after all. Bellsprout for the boys? Perhaps an Electabuzz vibrator or some Ekans beads? So many inappropriate possibilities!


    $270 and they'll custom make you one.

    Wonder how a Trubbish one would go, for when your life really can't get any lower.

      This is the actual best. It's also what Tinder is for IMO

    I sad to say this was the first thing that came to my mind as a pickup line.

    Guy: Are you into Pokemon?
    Girl: Yes, I am.
    Guy: Can I Squirtle all over your Jigglypuffs?

    The squirtle one is legit.

    "Gotta stuff em all in your pussy!"

    These should really be called Chinpokomon.


    I wonder if they do any Jokemal

    (for those interested - - NSFW by the by)

    I'm surprised they still haven't produced Gardevoir and Lopunny-themed onaholes...

    Where's Lickitung? That'd be a best-seller!

    I'd of thought there would be a Metapod or Kakuna based one, because at least they know Harden.

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