This Week In Games: It's Time To Fly

The holidays might be officially over, and new games are starting to fly in thick and fast. Over on the Switch, there's a port of the excellent Darkest Dungeon, as well as some other indie ports.

A couple of interesting indies are dropping, though. Nantucket looks like a real find for board gamers, while InnerSpace should be very easy on the eye. AO Tennis finally drops, and the digital recreation of Meanwhile could be a fun surprise out of nowhere.

AO Tennis (PS4, XBO, PC)

What is it? An officially licensed tennis game, made in Melbourne.
Should you care? Wait for the reviews. And some patches.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory (PS4, Vita)

What is it? The continuation of the Digimon Story series.
Should you care? These have always looked good. That said, the only reason I ever cared about Digimon was because my school bus arrived before I got to watch Dragon Ball.

Full Metal Furies (PC)

What is it? The makers of Rogue Legacy return with a co-op side scrolling ARPG, a little in the vein of Castle Crashers.
Should you care? Rogue Legacy was excellent, and I'll always take more couch co-op games.

Oh ... Sir! The Insult Simulator/The Hollywood Roast (Switch)

What is it? A couple of games where players string together sentences of insults at their enemy, while maintaining proper grammar and denying important verbs and nouns from your enemy.
Should you care? It'll cost under $US5 for both games, and they're fun for a laugh with friends. There's supposedly an expanded career mode for the Switch release, although I've only ever played the PC versions.

Hyper Universe (PC)

What is it? A 2D side-scrolling MOBA, with players dealing with defence turrets, minions and monsters throughout.
Should you care? The game got panned pretty hard when it first hit early access, so best to wait after it's full release to see how the reception's changed.

Nantucket (PC)

What is it? A strategy game about chasing Moby Dick and living through the golden age of American whaling.
Should you care? This looks real good. I'll be jumping on it as soon as it drops. Definitely one for board gamers.

FEN: Prologue (PC)

What is it? A survival game set in a landfill, with the player struggling to survive.
Should you care? Bit bleak for my tastes, but your mileage might vary.


What is it? A co-op puzzle platformer set on a dark and bleak backdrop.
Should you care? If you like this brand of gameplay, sure, although I've never really enjoyed the whole "control two characters" mechanic in platformers.

VR Soccer 96 (PC)

What is it? A re-release of Virtua (or Actua Soccer) Soccer 96, in 2018.
Should you care? This was a cracking game back in the day. Why it's being released now, no idea, but hey, I'll take it.

Hidden Dragon: Legend (PC)

What is it? A 2.5D action platformer set in Imperial China, taking cues from Devil May Cry and other games.
Should you care? This hit consoles late last year, but is only just coming to PC this week. The visuals look a bit flat, but the setting could be enjoyable nonetheless.

InnerSpace (PC, PS4, XBO, Switch)

What is it? An exploration flying game where you traverse a series of inside-out planets where gravity is reversed.
Should you care? Should be fairly relaxing.

The Red Strings Club (PC)

What is it? A cyberpunk adventure about fate, happiness, pottery, bartending, and impersonating people.
Should you care? No wonder Devolver's publishing this game. It's from the Gods Will Be Watching devs, and launches at the end of the week.

Meanwhile: An Interactive Comic Book (PC)

What is it? A choose your own comic adventure, adapted from Jason Shiga's hardcover Meanwhile comic released in 2010.
Should you care? Super intrigued to see how this pans out.

Brawl (Switch)

What is it? Think Bomberman but with a Five Nights At Freddy's vibe.
Should you care? I'd rather the vibrant colours of Bomberman.

Darkest Dungeon (Switch)

What is it? A roguelike where you have to manage your party's dwindling sanity as they battle the horrors of the dungeons nearby.
Should you care? This would be a great game on the train. Absolutely.

So, that's the biggest and most interesting names I could find for this week. Did I miss anything? Or did you spot an indie gem that I didn't see? Let us know below, and let us know if anything catches your fancy!


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