Total War's Next Big Game Is Set In China

Having made one hell of a detour into the lands of Warhammer, Total War is returning to its historical roots for its next big strategy game. And it's doing so in a region the series has never visited before: China.

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Note that this isn't another expansion or experimental title; this is the next full, new historical Total War game, the first of its kind since 2013's Rome 2.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - which is out this spring - is set in 190CE, and looks to be borrowing at least some of Warhammer's RPG-like ideas, with a strong emphasis on hero units.

Looks cool! Or the setting does, at least, since we don't actually see any of the game in that clip. What's most incredible about the trip to China is that it's the first time a mainline historical Total War has visited a new era since Empire's release in 2009 (Shogun and Rome being sequels to older games).

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to light another candle in my vigil for Empire 2, which at this rate is another 18 years away...


    They would be focusing on heroes probably because of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. Finally a bit of competition for Koei to have to up their quality if they want to continue to compete with ROTK.

    Cool. Hope I can learn a bit about the romance of the three kingdoms. I started reading it once, but there are so many characters I couldn't keep up.

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