A Tour Through Unreal, In VR

A Tour Through Unreal, In VR
Image: ModDB

The Unreal campaign can still be an entertaining romp today, if you like breaking out of prisons and shooting up tons of aliens. But if you’re after a little more intimacy with your alien jailbreak, why not play the whole thing in VR?

Unreal VR is an open-source project at ModDB that is basically porting the 1998 re-release of Unreal into the latest Unreal Engine, adding VR support along the way.

The project isn’t complete yet, but you can download a demo of the opening level. It’ll work just fine if you don’t have VR, but the real joy is being able to immerse yourself in the UMS Vortex Rikers (the prison ship where Unreal begins). There’s no enemies, but the opening level does look sharp, which makes me wonder how nice a re-release of Unreal in UE4 would be.

To start the game in VR, simply extract the contents of the .RAR file (available above) to a folder of your choice. Run the StartVR batch file and you’ll be good to go; if you don’t have a VR setup, the batch file will load up the project anyway.

You can follow the project over at its ModDB listing, on Facebook or through Github.


  • As a guy who got on board with VR five years ago with the Oculus Rift DK1 then the newer DK2, I don’t feel very excited for a VR future at this point in time. I don’t like where it currently is at the moment. It needs something major to push it over the top and I fear it’s just gonna die completely before long unless that major something arrives. I haven’t gotten on board with PSVR, Oculus or Vive yet as I had my fill with the DK1/2, which is a shame. VR truly is an amazing experience but it’s still just so goddamn janky because it just isn’t getting the widespread mainstream support that I thought it would be by now.

    • It’s still too expensive right now – it’s gotten cheaper but the cost is still very high, even for the PSVR which has the best chance of going mainstream (and is unfortunately paired with weak hardware). The units need to become lighter, cheaper, and all round better for it to get the support it probably deserves.

    • I’ve owned a DK1, DK2, PSVR and a Vive. Graphically the PSVR is about on par with DK2, but as a polished product it is miles ahead. The PSVR is incredibly comfortable compared with the DK2. The Vive though, it’s in a whole other league. You really can’t compare the Vive to anything else, the Oculus is pretty close but still not as good.

  • I gave it a go, and while the geometry was sharp, at a distance the textures were literally watering my eyes. Blurry as heck.

  • Even just playing through Unreal in the latest version of the engine alone would be a blast when this mod is finished off.

    Unreal 1 is one of my favorite FPS games of all time. Beautiful graphics that even today look great, excellent music, fantastic combat, great mix of weapons and a fantastic campaign. Even the expansion was quite good.

    The “Return to Napali” mod for Unreal Tournament which came out many years later is also worth a play. A better Unreal 2 than the official sequel.

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