V Creates Their Own Fallout 4 Mod, Adds War And Peace To Loading Screens

V Creates Their Own Fallout 4 Mod, Adds War And Peace To Loading Screens

Just now, a apocalyptic canister rocked up to our office. Inside was a can of V. Nothing special, right? Except there was a note pointing to a USB stick.

A USB stick with an official Fallout 4 mod. For V.

According to the official site, the PR for the V energy drink reached out to the Fallout 4 sub-reddit for suggestions on a potential mod. What did people want? More random quests, a new vault, more lines of dialogue, a better gauss rifle, the usual stuff.

So that’s what “Bit Better Mods” did, creating the Bit Better Fallout mod for PC and Xbox. (There’s even a neat little burn about mods on PS4.)

And just for shits and giggles, the creators decided to jazz up the loading screens with the text of War and Peace:

Bloody hell.

As for the full list of changes, which includes hundreds of lines of new dialogue and a new five-part questline, here’s the full notes.

For our first mod, we wanted to make Fallout a bit better. We hit up r/fo4 and took some requests for features. We took a couple privileges with the requests.

u/ShadowStrike14 asked for new “Random Quests”
4 quests that link into one another hopefully a couple hours of gameplay. If you breeze through it, let us know and we’ll tweak.
We really took liberty with the randomness of the quests
A new Vault (Vault 5). It’s bigger than any of the other Vaults.
New radio station – Sound FX FM, the most annoying and first all-sound-effect radio station, in the wasteland.
100’s of lines of new recorded dialogue across 7 new NPCs
TO START THE QUEST FIND THE NEW VENDOR IN DIAMOND CITY. He will give you a HoloTape that will give you access to the remaining quests.

u/sm00chies asked for a better-looking Guass Rifle
New black-textured Gauss Rifle with flames.
Also shoots molotov ammo now.
Found in new Vault and near the SoundFXFM building.

u/jormugandr asked for military-inspired Power Armor
We’ve created a modded X-01 suit.
The pieces are scattered throughout the quest as a reward. You get a piece for every quest.
Comes with a cup holder.

u/iamnotthemoon asked to fix the infinite loading screen bug
Don’t think we’re really good enough to do that (yet).
But we did figure since you’re stuck there we can make the loading screen a bit better, by replacing the catalogue with the full text to War and Peace, broken up over hundreds of loading screens. Like the loading screens in the first Amnesia game.
OFFICIALLY the most confusing way to read War and Peace.

New Consumable: Radiated Energy Drink + Vending Machines
120 second, 3 point, boost to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. plus 15s slow motion.
You hear a sweet rock track when you drink it. (courtesy of: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAHIZkAEsztItpmnmaeVdYg)
Might be OP, discuss in comments.
Some super shameless product placement.

Bravo, V. You can download the mod here. A couple of Australian streamers will also be showcasing the mod over the weekend, starting with Loserfruit from 2100 AEDT tonight, and crayator from 1000 AEDT on Sunday.


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