Video Game Portraits Are Beautiful Works Of Art

Video Game Portraits Are Beautiful Works Of Art

Screenshot artist Andy Cull, whose work we featured last month on Kotaku, is part of a group called Infinite Lives. In this post, you’ll find some “screenshots” from their efforts that represent “the best in video game portraiture”, using a game as the foundation to express photographic art through.

Some Of 2017's Best Video Game Screenshots

Screenshot artist Andy Cull, a man whose work we've featured on Kotaku before, has created a gallery with some of his favourite images taken from games he played in 2017. If nothing else, they make for excellent wallpaper.

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Cull has tried to “showcase shots that capture the many different elements of portrait photography”, and selected 24 images that he felt did the best job of it. Some highlights from that selection are below.

By Nom

By Frans Bouma

By l a n g g i

By Swissendo

By IIron_Star

By DE||2nd

By Melissa St.James

By White Harpy

By Berduu

You can see the rest of the images here.


    • Ok, that’s not Liara, it’s Lexi. Apparently that random guy is from the random game Homefront 2, it doesn’t strike me as a particularly good shot, but I do think he looks a bit too british to be completely generic lol

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