We Can't Stop Watching This Cruel Mario Clone

Watching this brutal Super Mario clone spring hilarious, unexpected traps on a poor player is hypnotic.

The game is TrapAdventure 2, created by Hiroyoshi Oshiba and available as a free download on iOS (though unlocking ad-free play costs $1.49). Along the lines of the infamous Cat Mario, it's a game that uses decades of platforming knowledge against us in cruel and hilarious ways. In the video below, circulating on Twitter courtesy of @P_Men876 (via Chrollo Lucilfer), things escalate quickly. Watch.

I've played through to the stage directly after the Twitter vid, and after being crushed by a massive boulder and having a spiked wall drop on me a dozen or so times, I'm done. If you want to see how bad things get, grab the game on iTunes, or watch someone else make it to the end on YouTube.


    Thank you train worker's union for ensuring that I was working at home today, and not laughing uproariously in the office while watching this.

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