We Happy Few Delayed To Mid-2018, Dev Offers Steam Refunds ‘Regardless Of Playtime’

The retro-themed survival game We Happy Few was revealed in early 2015. It hit Steam Early Access in mid-2016, where it remains to this day. If you were hoping for a full release soon, well, I have some bad news: developer Compulsion Games has pushed things back to “summer” 2018. On the bright (?) side, if you did pre-purchase the game, you can now get a refund.

A new blog post on Compulsion’s website explains that, while We Happy Few is “content complete”, it needs polish. Unfortunately, the only way to get the time to do that is by changing the release from April 2018 to sometime mid-year.

Which, to be fair, is only a difference of a few months, but still disappointing news.

Compulsion is also going a step further to sooth player complaints regarding the cost and lack of current content and new updates for the Early Access version:

1) Enabling refunds for all players who purchased on Steam, past and present, regardless of playtime. We’ll continue working to make sure 1.0 is great and something you’ll be happy buying.

2) Temporarily disabling the buy button on Steam as of the end of January, 2018. We don’t want new players to have the same frustration, so we’re temporarily disabling the option to buy on Steam, and will re-enable the buy button once we’re closer to launch when more info and materials on the game will have been released, giving players more clarity on what they can expect in the full version of We Happy Few.

A nice gesture, to be sure. Hopefully, the delay is worth it.

Production Update and Story Teaser [Compulsion Games]


  • Def looks like an interesting title with a unique visual style.
    Very long delays are never a good thing though.
    I’m becoming increasingly worried about Bloodstained: Ritual because of delays

      • But the Ps4 version is obviously just a Pre order, Although with the amount of shitty games permeating the PlayStation store, It is starting to feel like the wild west that is the utter trash fire steaming sh*t that we happy few call Steam.

  • Yes, such a gesture… Offering refunds to people, the majority of which probably paid half the game’s currently listed price before Gearbox got their mits on it.

    Get your refunds now people so you can change your mind later and pay way more!

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