What Are Your New Year’s Gaming Resolutions?

What Are Your New Year’s Gaming Resolutions?

Some people hate resolutions, or talk shit about people who make resolutions. Nah mate. Resolutions are great, it’s all about the execution. The shift in mindset.

Every year I make resolutions. I even make video game resolutions!

Sometimes I actually keep them.

Last year I had a couple. The main one: play less video games!

That didn’t mean less time playing video games. It just meant more time with fewer games. In 2017 I did that to great effect and absolutely loved it. I focused on playing games I enjoyed as opposed to trying to keep up with release schedules.

The end result? 60 hours with Horizon: Zero Dawn, 80 hours on Mario Odyssey, a ridiculous 200 hours with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

It was extremely liberating.

There were so many great games I didn’t play, but who has time for everything? And who wants to burden themselves with that baggage? I missed out on Nier: Automata, Persona 5 and a bunch of other games, but C’Est la Vie — I will survive.

This year I will probably continue with the “play less games for longer” mantra, but I have a few newer goals.

Play More Australian Games

I know it’s silly to think along border lines with video games, but I do regret missing out on a huge number of incredible video games that were made locally. I played a bunch of Golf Story in 2017 but I missed out on Hand of Fate 2, Hollow Knight, Framed 2, and a bunch of other stuff. This year I’m definitely going to try and be more connected to video games made locally.

Play More Short Games

This year I played of a lot of time sinks, and boy did I sink some time. I think in 2018 I’ll probably try and play some shorter, four hour experiences.

Play More Games On PC

Last year I estimate that I spent roughly 80% of my gaming time with the Nintendo Switch, because it rules.

But does it rule so much I should stop playing PC games. No. Probably not.

This year I want to spend more time playing games on PC. Probably those shorter games I mentioned earlier. But I’m gonna need a new PC to do that so…

Build A New Gaming PC

I think it’s about that time. Wish me luck. Also, help me! I need suggestions.

What are some of your gaming resolutions for 2018? Let us know or completely ignore this question. Totally your call.


  • Still 1080p. 4k is a scam.

    That joke is evergreen.

    My only real resolution is to continue getting my wife involved in some local co-op games so that I can actually have some time to play while still maintaining a relationship. “Overcooked” has been amazing. We finally have something that plays to her interest in cooking and my interest in games.

  • I’m going to try to not buy any games this year, just focus on finishing a chunk of what I have.

    I’ve noticed that the less time I have to participate in a hobby, the more money I’ll throw at it, it get that rush without investing in any time. Unfortunately, that means I now have a backlog of over 100 games that I really want to finish (not just games I’ve picked up for free/ in bundles), and I really want to get that number as far down as possible.

    The exception to the rule will be my Switch, once I finish Zelda and Golf Story I’m planning on picking up the Bayonetta pack.

    • ^^Totally this!
      … Although I have to say I’m extremely jealous your list is only 100 games! No disrespect to the huge amount of time yours will also require, but that number, relative to my nightmare of a backlog, which although uncounted for several years now would have to run well out of the realm of hundreds!
      I started collecting older consoles as soon as I left home, since I’d never been allowed a system at home
      We did have a PC with a “Hercules Monochrome” monitor. Which, (as other elderly Kotaku readers may remember) and as the name implies, consisted of a single colour on a black screen. Ours was orange.
      I believe it also came in green! Ooh! Just remembering it needed to run a “VGA emulator” to run any game at all, basically. Fun times.
      So, while everyone was buying Saturn’s and PSX I realised Cash Converters were virtually throwing away NES, Sega MS, and within a year or so, also the SNES and Megadrive. Plus the games were basically a dollar or less.
      Later, gaming became a major weapon in my fight to overcome a fairly serious heroin addiction. Nothing like losing yourself in a virtual world to distract yourself from the incredibly intense cravings you get in the early months of detox, and especially rehabilitation.
      Then it became a way to escape an abusive relationship with an incredibly cruel and manipulative relationship. That lasted 11 years.
      I credit Video Games as the single most important thing that got me through the last 5 or 6 years of those times.
      I could be someone else, no longer this guy in a miserable relationship that seemed like there was no way out… And i could be them for hours on end, too. I can’t verbalise how important that was at the time.
      My previous coping mechanisms had previously been to turn to drugs.
      Turning to games was an infinitely healthier way to escape.
      Point is, being deprived of consoles my whole childhood led to me coveting Consoles.
      Then, due to their unique way of helping me through some amazingly difficult times in my life, has definitely led to me purchasing games and consoles in what soen would say is a somewhat over the top way.
      It’s not a big deal though, I have a decent, but not amazing well paying job, but I DO have a reasonable disposable income.
      And I’m not insane. I may always end up buying ALL the consoles every generation. But I buy just one at launch, eg PS4 then a couple years down the track will get the other, eg The ‘Bone this time, for a reasonable price and catch up on a few years of amazing exclusive games at bargain prices. (Although, Microsoft, if you’re reading this, this exclusives are pretty f**king thin on the ground. Get on that shit. I WANT to play your console more but you’re not giving much reason to do so…*sigh)
      But a big part of it for me is the bargain hunt. I very rarely pay a large, or even near retail amount for anything. My whole deal is finding something amazing at a ridiculously good price. The thrill of the hunt is part of it as well.
      But I still have thousands of games I’ve never finished. I do at least try to play everything I buy at least once or twice. Otherwise, what’s the point?
      And last, but most definitely not least, let’s not forget, I live with an incredible, beautiful and understanding girlfriend.
      Who stood with me in Super Potato after Super Potato and many other retro games stores, and never once complained about waiting, or what I was spending.

    • Good luck my dude! I said enough’s enough mid last year, and have managed to move my list from 120 to 112 games, despite still playing Wolfenstein, Mario and Steamworld Dig 2. I played the first Witcher, Far Cry 3 and a bunch of others though, and it was totally great! I’ve no doubt there’s a ton of wonderful experiences in your library ready for you 🙂 have fun!

  • Playing/finishing games I have.

    Currently: Horizon Zero Dawn and it’s AMAZING.

    Then run through AC: Unity/AC: Syndicate. And Watchdogs 2. And UC: Lost Legacy. And Far Cry 3(which I started recently but need to play on a smaller monitor…) and Primal… 🙂 Got a bit of a list going on.

    PC advice will depend a lot on what you have to spend and what you want to play. I’m still using a 10 year old motherboard (X58!) with a first gen I7, but with SSD and plenty of ram and a GTX 1080 it plays Elite: Dangerous perfectly on a 3440×1440 screen while watching movies or chatting on the 1920×1200 screen. So feel free to ask a bit nearer the time and I’m sure the Kotaku collective can help ( @welbot who knows their shit)

    • More than happy to help @markserrels if he wants any suggestions 🙂 I just got asked by Dan “dkzeitgeist” Crowd for advice this morning, and he seems pretty stoked with what I put together! As you said, it does depend almost entirely on what your budget is really. You can easily put together a cheap pc just to browse the net, but when it comes to maximizing bang for buck, it’s best if you have a figure in mind of what you’re willing to spend. For a high-ish end tower alone, you’re looking at 2-2.5K. 3-3.5 will get you a beast.

  • Will try and finish more old games that I never finished Dark Souls 2, Metal Gear etc. Looking fwd to some good single player games that dont require patches or new dlc.

    • That’s me. I’ve re-finished MGSV’s first chapter last year and will try to finish the second, this year. I’m going to try and finally platinum Skyrim – a game from 2011. With literally hundreds and hundreds of hours and multiple blu-rays worth of mods installed, I had never actually finished the fucking thing. Never finished Dark Souls 3 either, which really needs doing. FF15, too.

      Nioh, Yakuza 0, Persona 5, Prey, Nier are all also on my ‘cool shit from 2017 that I need to finish’ list.

  • 1. Finally play The Last of Us. Started it yesterday.
    2. Finally play The Witcher 3.
    3. Play firewatch
    4. Play oxenfree

  • For 2017, I gave myself the goal to finish 60 games, but my boyfriend moved in with me and I only ended up hitting 33. I’ll maybe set my sights on 40 games for 2018! I’d like to include a few co-op games in there to finish with my man!

  • I’m going to try and stop buying so many games day one, i had the issue of buying multiple games at the same time, which inevitably led to me not finishing a bunch of games.

    hopefully i’ll stick to more games and not have so many left behind like i do now.

  • My plans:
    – Use my Xbox more
    – Get a 4k TV (yes, value is debatable, but the pricing is getting better and my TV is pretty old)
    – Finish up my backlog

    Might also build a new gaming PC if I suddenly find myself awash with cash, my laptop has major issues with it and I think it’s slowly cooking itself to death. Asus shoved some good components in there but they apparently forgot that it needs to breathe if used as intended.

  • I’m going to level up in some IRL skills instead. More time at the gym and get my CAMS license.

    The only game I plan to binge will be RDR2, everything else will fall below higher priorities.

  • I’m going to get a console of some description, as I haven’t had one since the XBox 360 and there’s probably been some decent games released since then.

  • There are three main goals for me this year:
    1) Stop getting suckered into buying a game just because people are hyping and giving it 9s or 10s. I almost achieved that this year but caved on a few titles that I regretted afterwards.
    2) Start winding down on the 3DS and Vita and try to get some use out of my Switch which has mostly gathered dust since I bought it.
    3) Upgrade my PC. (It’s way out of date and starting to show signs of potential hardware failure)

  • I decided before Xmas I’m not getting anymore games until March. I have SUCH an enormous backlog of INCREDIBLE games.
    And I’m only referencing 2017 year. Don’t even want to think about all the games from the previous decade and a half…
    Nor my huge haul of retro games and the RetroFreak I bought during my trip across Japan for my 40th in June (I am just incredibly lucky that I happen to have an amazingly patient girlfriend!)
    I’m saving for another holiday in April, so the plan is to finish all the amazing stuff I bought last year for the Switch, PS4, a bunch for the PSVR, all those Famicom/SFC/Megadrive & assorted GB/GBC/GBA from my holiday haul. (Even the ‘Bone might get a look in, what with Oxenfree having been a Games With Gold freebie a few months back. Score!)
    There’s still way too much in there to do by April.
    Christ, I feel like Zelda alone would be enough! Hahaha.
    In some ways I wish I hadn’t been given AC: Origins for Xmas. Had no plan on buying it, been over the series since Black Flag.
    Now that game has consumed every PS4 gaming session I’ve had for the last week or so!
    Then there’s Prey, the last half of H:ZD, Resi 7 (which is taking forever because I promised myself I’d complete the entire bloody thing in VR) for my first run through at least. Two hours is about my limit on those sessions!
    Oh my god it’s so overwhelming!
    Just think, how much money we’d all save if we just stopped buying until we finished our entire ”Pile Of Shame ™”©®
    Although… I seriously think that would most likely mean I would never purchase another game for the rest of my natural life!
    Still. It really makes you think…
    Lucky I like games and not crack cocaine, I suppose!

  • I think that way too many gamers get struck down with a bad case of FOMO and purchase too many games, rushing through them or playing for a few hours and then moving on.
    There is real value in finding a game you like and playing it properly, methodically, and really appreciating the experience. We live in a fast and disposable world, where creative media is devalued and reduced to a meme or a sound bite.
    This is a shame. That’s my two cents.

  • I would like to play some more good indie horror games, 2016 was great for me but 2017 I found a lot were either cash ins on the genre popularity or just yeah pretty lame.

  • I’m doing something a little different this year – giving myself a gaming budget. $300 to be spent on games for the year. This way I can keep focusing on stuff I already own, but can also get a couple of those “must play” games. Having a $ budget also helps keep from buying day 1, instead look for more sales (and stop buying those ridiculously expensive collectors editions which aren’t really worth it, let’s be honest.)

  • Finish Pillars of Eternity. I’m 66 hours in. Up to the 3rd act but recently started the DLC stuff.

    Finish Transistor.

    Finish River City Ransom: Underground.

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