What Game Are You Most Looking Forward To This Year?

I have a feeling that this year might not have the same level of quality as 2017, but there are still some humdingers en route.

What am I looking most forward to? I'm gonna be boring and say Red Dead Redemption 2. Its an obvious choice, but hard to see how this game isn't incredible.

Give. It. To. Me.

What are your choices?


    Monster Hunter World.
    Massive open world to hunt monsters, drop in multiplayer....

    Just three weeks...
    I can do it....

    I am very big on the game:

    "Which Cryptocurrency Will Make Me Rich Overnight"

    The UI is clunky. The damn control scheme is the worst. The best players in the world are completely anonymous.

    But there's a sense of community and a real challenge in it that I cannot deny myself.

    Could be GOTY this year.

      POWR will be my GOTY I think. Not overnight, but so far +2000% in 4 months

        Go go POWR!

        (Though, when you know someone who bought 20,000 POWR coins at 6c each and that person is not you :( )

      This looks interesting but it feels like it's going to be very pay to lose.

    Most of mine are in this month,

    I have Monster Hunter World, Digimon Story: Hacker's Memory, Dissidia NT and Dragonball Fighter Z.

    These are pretty much taking up all of my hype and i haven't even considered what's after them.

    In no order:

    SoTC (can't believe I'm saying it again after twelve years!)
    Shenmue 3
    Far Cry 5

      No offence intended, but you are dreaming if you think TLoU2 is coming out this year. Lol I'd say they are only 50% complete, if that. Realistically they'll probably release late 2019.

      I'm with you. SoTC is up there for me this year, and TLoU2 will be a preorder, even though I hate preordering.

      Also, Spiderman. If they nail the web swing, it'll be awesome!

      Blood and Truth could be a big winner, if you have a PSVR headset. Which I do.

      Still haven't played the original RDR. Might do so if they remaster it for PS4. Here's hoping.

        What's SoTC?

          Oh wait, Shadow of the Colossus? Yea I'm super pumped for that too! ✌️

        Rockstar isn't really known for doing remasters unfortunately.

          While generally true, they have re-released GTA III, VC, SA and a remastered V on the current gen, so there is some scope for hope.

    Sea of Thieves, my boy just turned nine and it'll be the perfect online game for the both of us.

    Detroit is my big one.
    I still hold out hope that at least a demo of cyberpunk 2077 will surface this year.

    Red Dead is going to be the second most disappointing game in 2018. Rockstar has proven with GTA online there financial success is in a torturous multiplayer that rewards them with Shark Card profits. Preorder and get Red Dead Online gold nuggets.

    Anthem by Bioware and EA will be the most depressing... remember the last time those two did something ambitious it nearly destoyed Bioware and made EA the most hated company in America cause of failed marketing campaign didnt deliver the numbers EA promised Bioware... so EA rather than admit their fault punished for Bioware for Star Wars The Old Republic first year.

      P.S. Otherwise I am not anticipating any game until I see it released and microtransaction free. No More Hype. Im dead inside.

    Monster Hunter Worlds and Dragonball FighterZ.
    Fortunately, (or unfortunately) they are both out on the same day. I am traditionally quite rubbish at fighting games and pretty great at monster hunting.

    Crackdown. Going in to buy 4k tv now so the one x is able to show its power!!!!

    Nothing big on my horizon. So I'll just put down "Something big that Nintendo will release this year but is still secret".

    I'm still deep in Stardew Valley, Splatoon 2 keeps getting time and I haven't finished the DLC for Zelda or finished with Mario yet. M+R has been played once. I'll have to get back to that too.

      Due to an accidental posting on Amazon, there's rumblings of a Nintendo Direct around January 11. I'm holding off on any most anticipated predictions till then.

        I've seen that but not putting anything into it. Would be nice if it happens though.

    I was actually a bit deflated from the last RDR2 trailer, no John Marston. Main character looks like a bit of a dufus.

      I'm kinda disappointed they are doing a prequel. I'll still buy it, it'll probably be awesome but i feel i know so much of this story already.

        What else could they do? The whole point of the story was that the West was dead. Putting another whole game afterwards wouldn't make a lot of sense.

          Agreed, however for once I think i'm actually more interested in the multiplayer, if they nail it as much as they did GTAV it's going to be amazing!

    I'm going to potentially elicit some fury and say Anthem.

    After that, (hopefully) Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Detroit: Become Human.

    Edit: Oh, and very interested in Ghost of Tsushima...

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    Sea of Thieves. Hands down.

    Followed by A Way Out, keen to see what the co-op in that is like.
    And also that Jurassic Park Tycoon game. That one looks promising.

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    Kingdom Hearts 3. I hope. Please.

    No love for God of war??? So excited for that!

      Forget that... No love for Sea of Thieves???

        I'd be excited for it if I had an Xbox. But I'm on PS4, I hope it's excellent for you to enjoy anyways

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          It was a general comment, not a dog, just so you know ????, thought I'd piggyback on yours instead of saying the exact same thing in another string.

          But yes, I'd be into GoW if not for being PS exclusive, especially with the Norse setting. Yes, I missed out on TLoU also ????

            Lol I know it wasnt a dig, my comment wasn't either. genuinely hope it's a good game for you. I've watched a lot stuff on it from E3 and the like this year, it's looking really fun. Just sadly won't be able to play it myself, oh the joys of adulthood haha.

    Days Gone.

    God of War.

    New God of War
    Red Dead Redemption 2

    DBZ Fighter Z
    Code Vein
    Monster Hunter World
    Ni No Kuni 2
    Bloodstained Ritual of the night

    It's not a new game but much needed content, Arcade edition and Season 3 of Street Fighter 5.

    Oh and the 30th Anniversary collection for Street Fighter in May =)

    Edit: Oh and apparently there's a sequel to Pillars of Eternity as well coming out this year?

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    The lack of post release single player support for GTA V has left me a little meh on Rockstar and I think I want to wait a little bit on Red Dead 2. I have a horrible feeling that the story will push forming a gang with real life friends and playing through a hybrid multiplayer story mode as its biggest feature (with the option to play with AI if you're alone). While I don't think that situation is likely, but it's possible enough that's put me off getting hyped about the game.

      Wow, so I'm not the only one here. RDR is up there as one of my all time favourites, it's the epitome of a great single-player experience (although I'm aware the multiplayer was fun too). Fast forward, 8 years later in a day and age where games like PUBG is a huge success and more importantly, GTAO is crushing sales figures. It's hard not be a little skeptic that this could be the turning point for Rockstar where they completely abandon what made RDR, and their other story driven games, stand out and shift 90% of their focus to online mode leaving the rest shoehorned in for people like me who enjoy a solo immersive narrative. Can't help be a little bitter when young millennials who didn't even know what Red Dead was, have a game catered to them because they have access to their dad's credit card.

    Kingdom Hearts 3.

    Cyberpunk 2077 isn't coming out this year, is it?

    It could go either way, but if Sea of Thieves has potential to be amazing.

      I doubt it, will be years before it appears - but I agree, Cyberpunk 2077 is the game I am most looking forward to.

    smash 5, go away haters

    Haven't even thought about new games I'm still so behind from last year due to a certain open world adventure taking me 200 hrs plus to suck the marrow from its bones...

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