What Game Do You Think Deserves A Remaster?

It's been a good week on the remaster front. Shadow of the Colossus is shaping up great. The closed beta for Age of Empires 1 just kicked off, and we're not far away from Bayonetta hitting the Switch. But there are plenty of deserving games out there that still haven't gotten a fresh coat of paint.

For this week's Big Question, I'd like to know: what old games would you like to see get a remaster?

I've got an image of One Must Fall: 2097, as it's still one of the best fighting games ever to grace the PC. It runs pretty well using DOSBox, so it doesn't need a remaster per se. But imagine all the things you could do with that game in 2018.

Something else that could definitely use a visual overhaul is Slipstream 5000. It's a favourite of mine, even though I'm happy to acknowledge that it's actually pretty ordinary as far as arcade racers go. It's basically a bunch of aircraft flying around race tracks set in real-world locations, like the Amazon.

It was released in the early '90s, so the pixels are the size of dinner plates. And while the GOG version works just well, it'd be nice to see something done in a more modern engine, with more interesting power-ups (and perhaps with a better career mode too).

But what about yourselves? What games would you like to see get a remaster?


    The classic tomb raiders. I dont even mind the graphics as long as they can make the controls work with the xbox or ps controllers. Movement with the right stick. Camera with the left. And easier, more natural jumps. I know it's much more than it sounds. But I miss them, but the controls make them unplayabale now.

      Movement with the right stick? You really are an awkward lizard.

      Have you seen the fan-made TR2 remake demo? It's pretty impressive: http://tombraider-dox.com/

        Ugh. Meant the opposite. :( I never confuse left and right. Dunno what happened there.

        That fan-made TR2 reboot makes me drool everytime I watch it. And sad that it's not available after I finish watching it.

      Tomb Raider: Anniversary has modern-style controls, and looks great on PC @4k.

        I love Tomb Raider: Anniversary. It is my favorite TR game. I just want tr2 to aod remade.

    The Shadow Hearts series. Best JRPGs ever made.

    Motorstorm, the first 4 instalments as a remastered PS4 collection please- and with the multiplayer servers restored for the first 3 (Monument Valley, Pacific Rift & Arctic Edge)

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    There's a heap of games i had on PS2 where my only complaint was the loading times.

    Games like Max Payne, Red Faction, No One Lives Forever were awesome but for the loading between small areas!

    Maybe just re-release old games and load the entire thing into cache so it loads instantly?

    Portal 1 and 2. Possibly with VR capabilities

      Done right, Portal VR could be the push VR needs to become properly mainstream.

        Or make people very sick.

          Or that... Just thinking Portals 1 & 2 are so relatively simplistic that they'd be great games to trial VR with. They're not exactly complicated, and if they worked, would be something people can relate to. Its pop culture status could take it from there.

          In my mind, it doesn't seem much more than remapping to the headset and handheld sticks. Its not a big list of requirements for Portal to work in any format. Move, look, shoot, pick up, jump. Theres no extra guns to map, or outfits to show, just cover how to move and interact.

          To me, it seems a great place to start with VR, and potentially being something even modders could do.

        Oh god, the vomiting. So much vomiting.

    Command and Conquer : Tiberian Dawn.

    Same gameplay, keep the fixed camera, remix the songs, refilm the FMVs in HD.

      No! You can't re-film that classic FMV terrible acting!

    The Quest for Glory series... as a triple A grade MMO

    TimeSplitters 1, 2 & 3.

    One game all mushed-together with all single/multiplayer elements would be perfect

    Persona 4 Golden, Morrowind, KOTOR, Mass Effect (all for PS4)

    Faxanadu from the NES.

    Also Battletoads.

    I'd love a higher-resolution version of Curse of Monkey Island. I love that game, and it still looks so close to amazing.

    I've also always wanted a version of Discworld Noir that was actually made by people who knew how 3D modelling and animation worked, because I loved the actual game and story. Also, maybe hire more than 4 voice actors for a game that features almost 50 characters.

    demons souls.
    Resident evil 2.
    Wipeout 3

    The Original SNES DKC Series, as long as it maints the same visual style of the original but in higher def and in 3D. IMO the newer DK games, despite being 3D somehow look lacklustre by comparison.

    Suikoden 2, Secret of Evermore, Chrono Trigger, Morrowind, Daggerfall

    Any of those would be instant buys for me

    The Atari’s 2600: “Swordquest” series. The first majestic and epic RPG video game game created for a console deserves a closure.

    TES3: Morrowind.
    Akuji: The Heartless.
    Small Soldiers.
    C-12: Final Resistance

    Clive Barker's Undying was one of the scariest games I played as a youth. I'd love to see a modern remake. Though you really could just shoehorn it into an Amnesia/PT/re7 clone, for me the strength was in the story and the characters.

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