What Movies Did You Mean To See But Missed?

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My partner and I are hoping to break a terrible habit this year: one where we see something at the movies, go "oh that looks awesome", and then promptly never see it.

For this week's Off Topic, I'd like to touch on one of the more horrid aspects of our busy lives. Namely, the part where you plan to do something and then discover that have no time for it whatsoever.

Movies are a great example, because they're a time-limited activity. Go now or you'll miss out. And more often than not, missing out is what usually happens.

For instance, I never got to see Wonder Woman on the big screen. Or Blade Runner 2049, miserably. I managed to see It, but not Logan. And Tegan and I simply never found the time to catch Thor Ragnarok, and there's a good chance we'll miss the last sessions for Murder on the Orient Express too.

But what about yourselves? What movies did you think "that looks great", only to never see it?


    With, DVD, bluray and streaming. You don't miss movies anymore, you just see them at another time in another place.

    Pretty much all of them. I ended up buying a projector after our first child was born, 'cause there's no way we're getting to the movies in the immediate future.

    Also because there's no way in hell I'm paying $22 per ticket to watch a movie, which is the price at my local cinema.

      Cheap Tuesdays and a Babysitter? I’m in the same position, I assure you.

        Yeah, we were just about up to that and we decided to double down and have another kid.

        The family sessions are actually quite fun, though, when I can take a morning off work. Listening to toddlers laugh uncontrollably at stupid slapstick is surprisingly enjoyable.

        Babysitter will set you back another $40 extra plus movie tickets.

        Telstra tickets. If you don't have Telstra, you have a friend who does. They won't care, they get shitloads of points for free stuff. I have a cousin that does tickets for a whole bunch of people. He gets something like 10 free movies a year and food upgrades and stuff, we get super cheap tix. Can't complain too much at 11.50

      Don’t know if you have one in your area, but I went to the drive-in for the first time the other day. It was pretty cheap, and super kid friendly, people were there with their prams and babies in car seats - one couple even had a planner laid out on the grass with their little one.

        Yeah, we've been out to Coburg a couple of times when they've had the food trucks.

        Really good fun, and our son just played in the back. Have to restrict ourselves to kids movies now that he's old enough to repeat the words, though :-)

    I was waiting for the crowds to die down for the most recent Star Wars movie but left it too long. Happened to have an RDO on a Friday and thought that would be a perfect way to spend the afternoon. The final session was on the Wednesday....

    I haven't seen Thor Ragnarok yet either. I'm going to need to wait for the DVD on that now.

    Yeah, I didn't catch Wonder Woman or Blade Runner (was supposed to but that one fell through).

    Still haven't seen Star Wars or Coco yet, don't even know if I've missed them or what.

      Star wars: save your money.
      They turned the whole franchise into a comedy. And a really bad one.

        So I've heard, but it's still a thing and I don't mind checking it out for ten bucks :P

    I didn't catch Thor: Ragnarok either. :(
    And I missed Spiderman: Homecoming.
    Thor was the one I was most upset about though.
    I really wanted to watch that.

    Miss most things. Catch them on download/streaming. No biggie. They still there.

    Had a baby so missed most of the movies I wanted to see. Thor, JL, Spider man. Did get to see star wars because he's a little bigger now and can stay with his grandparents for a couple hours.

    I've recently caught up on some of the movies I missed at the cinema that I really wanted to see
    Wonder woman and guardians of the galaxy 2
    I think the one that I most upset about missing that I haven't seen yet is Logan.
    Just managed to get in for one of the final sessions of Star wars last Monday

    I don't feel bad in the slightest about missing most things in cinemas. And it doesn't disadvantage me much at all. It's only ever the bombastic action blockbusters that generally lose much from the translation to my pretty large 4K screen. Hell, some movies actually look better on that.

    Any loss of favourable cinema experience for movies is offeset by cinema ticket prices/food prices being fucking absurd. Not to mention that the environment is regularly unpleasant thanks to other patrons, and the volume is almost always too loud.

    Much better to be pleasantly surprised when the film turns up on Netflix a year or two later and watch it in comfort on my own home on my own schedule (for some insane reason it seems there's only ever showings that are too close to when I finish work to get there, or too fucking late for me to get home and into bed at a reasonable time) that doesn't involve an hour for the GF to get made-up, a half-hour drive each way, the search for parking, and overpriced snacks.

    The only thing I'm seriously glad I caught in a cinema that wouldn't have been the same at home is Blade Runner, and even then because it was one of the final showings and the cinema was empty, which was basically the perfect environment in which to watch what was in part a meditation on loneliness.

    Thor Ragnarok was great to everyone who missed it.

    The movie I missed at the cinemas was Dark Tower, ive read all 7 books and I'm glas I missed it, it was f-ing horrible

    Logan, thor ragnarok, guardians of the galaxy 2. Maybe dvd...

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