What Was Your Favourite Video Game Moment Of 2017?

What Was Your Favourite Video Game Moment Of 2017?

Which video game moment of 2017 had your heart aflutter? Did it make you cry? Did you scream furiously into the void? Did it leave you thinking about it hours, days, and weeks after you experienced it? Did you laugh so hard, liquids spewed out of your nose? One or all of the above? Cool. Let’s talk about it.

If there’s a good thing I could say about 2017, it’s that it was a strong year for video games. There were too many for me to buy and finish. Of the ones I did manage to spend significant time with, they were awesome. Not all were excellent with a few mediocre experiences along the way (so it goes every year, I suppose). Overall, though? There were too many good moments to decide on the greatest.

I could look to the thrill of landing on Eventide Island in Breath of the Wild. But then, what about the monthly, nightly ritual my sister and I spent playing Puyo Puyo Tetris on Nintendo Switch? Oh! Watching Luigi snipe the hell out of some rabbids was an utter delight, too. There was also trying Destiny 2, failing hard, and listening to my friends laugh at my many platforming demises.

Right! There was also Super Mario Odyssey! I sure had fun with that photo mode and asking don’t-give-a-damn birds for directions. That’s not a moment but it was fun, nonetheless.

But what about you? Here’s your question for today, dear Kotaku Readers: What’s your favourite moment from a video game that you experienced in 2017?

Share your fun moments with us. If it’s a major plot reveal/point, I’d only ask that we please be mindful of spoilers, if necessary! Some of us may still be working on games we got over the holidays.

Wishing all of you the very best in the coming year. And here’s hoping for many more brilliant video game moments in 2018.


  • Probably emerging from the shrine of resurrection at the start of BOTW and seeing this huge landscape spread out in front of you, ripe for exploring. Beautiful game opening.

  • So many moments in Super Mario Odyssey. A new gold moment every 15 mins or so I reckon. My game of the year easily (no I haven’t played BOTW yet. I know, I know…. I did pick it up yesterday though!!)

  • It’s impossible to pick my favourite moment, but it would be one of many amazing moments from Horizon Zero Dawn. Maybe my first encounter with a Thunderjaw, or learning how the world became the way it was? Nothing else has come close for me.

  • For me, walking out of BOTW into that panoramic view.. wow..

    And also walking into the Pyramidion in D2 for the first time.

  • EA finally getting called out on their crap in BF2. And it getting worldwide media and government attention. Soooogoood #fuckea

      • Man i cant wait to wake up one day and see the news headline “EA loses Star wars video game rights”

        That will be a great day.

        • They have an exclusive license to the Star Wars IP that is basically a giant machine that prints money and they still managed to both screw it up and barely release content for said IP.

          They need to loose it, because frankly they are wasting the IP.

  • The less you know about the game going in the better, but the end of the first act of Doki Doki Literature Club had me jump halfway across the room in shock.

  • Every time you hit that send calling card button in Persona 5 and Life Will Change kicked in. The lead in while you discussed the goal for the day and as the lead melody kicked in and on later palaces, the vocals, always made you feel awesome.

    Honourable mention to pressing the jump button for the first time in Mario Odyssey

  • So many great gaming moments this year; thanks in no small part to the Switch.

    For me, the highlight that stands out is the final boss of Breath of the World’s second DLC pack, monk Maz Koshia.

    I had managed to avoid spoilers, and it was a total and awesome surprise.

  • The ‘A Traditional Festival’ level is Super Mario Oddysey is not just my favourite gaming moment of 2017, but one of my favourites, period.
    Pure spectacle at its finest.

  • Spoilers for Mario Odyssey When Mario posseses Bowser and you briefly see that his mind is completely filled with thoughts of Peach. Being Bowser-Mario was also a lot of fun,
    if slightly disconcerting.

  • Getting to te first town in The Evil Within 2 and realising is semi-open world and loads of fun. I usually don’t like open world.

  • For me it would have to be Hellblade. It’s the first game I have ever played that actually successfully managed to capture what psychosis can be like.

    Mental health professionals always ask “What are the voices like?” and for the first time I could literally show them

  • Wolfenstein 2 The New Collossus had a few for me.

    The whole Hitler audition sequence on Venus. Including that the first actor murdered was Ronald Reagan.
    The Blazkowicz death left me stunned. His subsequent resurrection blew what was left of me away.
    A very pregnant, topless, blood-coated and dual machine gun weilding Anya going psycho at a group of Nazi’s. It was just so weird.
    The non-reaction by everyone to the submarine sex scene was classic.
    Returning to the childhood home and the confrontation with your awful, awful father was really difficult to watch.
    The death of Super Spesh shocked the hell out of me and made me genuinely sad.

    In more than 35 years of gaming I can honestly say I’ve never played a game with so many really intense WTF moments.

      • Really? That sucks. I can’t say I noticed any… though I certainly wouldn’t say me not noticing something should be used as any sort of benchmark.

        • I had stuttering and the only way to fix it was either restarting a random number of times while changing graphics settings. Sometimes turning the graphics up then rebooting would fix it. Was weird, makes me think it wasn’t clearing the graphics card memory properly.

  • This one is an easy one for me… the lead up to the end sequence of ME:A it was everything I ever wanted in a Mass Effect Game, That dude you help that time, “Pathfinder I’m here with my friends lets kick butt”

  • For me game wise it would Horizon Zero Dawn and a brand new IP, but my favorite moment would be in Butterfly Soup when you hear the Titanic theme of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and its played so badly on a kids recorder that its excruciating to hear, but so fitting with the game.

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