What Was Your Favourite Toy Growing Up?

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Thanks to Nintendo, toys are front and centre this morning. So for this week's regular, let's dial back to your childhood. What was your favourite toy growing up?

I've included a photo of a super soaker here, since it's comfortably responsible for some of my better childhood memories. My brother and I had some friends in the same primary school who also had super soakers, and we'd run around their backyard (or ours), spraying away summer days.

It also paired neatly with the fact that we were all gamers. Nothing like a bit of water-fuelled exercise before going back to some Star Trek FPS, or Worms on the Amiga, or Heroes of Might and Magic.

I quickly polled the rest of the Kotaku/Gizmodo/Lifehacker crew to see what their favourite toys were, and some memories came flooding in:

A Game Boy Advance: cracker of a toy.

Talking Lesson One: a text-to-speech educational machine for kids, with a variety of mini-games. It's better seen than explained.

A He-Man Castle Grayskull Toy: this was like a "Polly Pocket" but for boys, I'm told.

A Scorcher RV car: A 6x6 9.6v RC car that was basically a mini-monster truck. It looks like one of the fatter cars you'd see at the back of the grid in Re-Volt - not the biggest threat, but not something you wanted to get bumped by.

Spectrum 48k: Have a guess who's favourite toy this was. (ScribbleTaku fans, I'm looking at you.)

What was your favourite toy growing up?


    Funny enough you had a Super Soaker. We had the Super Soaker 2000 CPS.

    Man that thing was rad.


      I had the SS 50 in the first photo. Great fun!

        So did I, the exact same one, it's the only one I ever had. That is weird.

          Me too. The 50 was the first Super Soaker, it basically made the brand, and all other water pistols looked piddly and lame next to it. It was the present to ask for the year it came out. :)

      I started with a SS50, but I upgraded to the 2000 CPS. I still have the 2000 CPS, the SS50 despite being well made was never designed to be treated the way some people treated mine.

      Oh maaan. Me and my sister both had SS100s when we were little, then later on got XP85 Triple Shots. Thought they were so cool :P

    Those little plastic soldiers (either the 2" versions or the tiny tiny ones). I used to have battles in makeshift terrain dug in the back yard, in sandpits or even in fortresses constructed out of blocks. Sometimes took shots using rubber bands or marbles. It was fantastic.

    When I was 5yrs (this is back in the 70's!!) I received a big box of not-Lego bricks. There was like a 1000 assorted blocks etc. It must have been a one-off product because I never saw it again or since... anyway I played the heck out of those blocks in the WA Goldfields til I was about 12 yrs... that was when I first saw the Tandy home computer (or similar). I never played with those blocks again. I progressed from various machines, VIC20, Commodore 64, Microbee to an original IBM PC etc. Been coding since I was 12yrs starting with Z80 assembler.

    Sigh, good times.

    Waaaay back in the day I had this TMNT van/truck thing that fired discs looked like pizzas. they flew at super fast speed that left welts on my brother (sorry Mick!). Hours of fun(again, sorry bro)

    Much of my childhood memories are lost in the mists of time, and repression, but it's safe to say Lego were my favourite toys. Eventually surpassed by Sega.

    I just used to love going to Macca's and getting a Happy Meal. New you every time, plus a cheeseburger. That's perfection right there.

    Does it count if I technically didn't have it? I was obsessed with my cousins Mighty max as a kid. Portable action play sets you could take anywhere? Yes please! (Dad was a truck driver, and my sister spent a lot of time in the RCH in Melbourne so any toys had to be able to fit in my itty bitty Thomas the tank backpack haha)

    Fast traxxx rc car
    He man action figures

    But the Ninja turtles action figures probably got the most play time!
    And now my kids play with them all and grandma and grandads house.
    Its super fun getting them all out and reminiscing then watching the boys go nuts for it all ????

    Lego. Used to make stands and tracks, and then race my hot wheels on them.

    Also had a bunch of really cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They had some really cool toys.

    LEGO. I had 3 50 litre tubs of the stuff. My mum is holding it ransom for the grand kids DAMMIT MUM!

    And He-Man toys. I still have all mine in storage. Never had any of the castle play sets though :( But I have all the Snake Men. Really awesome toys!

    Red power ranger with the flipping head.

    Mum gave it away more than 15 years ago and pain is still real.

    I imagine it doesn't count but I cherish nothing more than my plush of Spyro the Dragon, one from 2000 for Year of the Dragon. I'd lose him at school, lose him at parks, and god forbid if I lost my Spyro. He was basically my childhood best friend. He went everywhere with me, and I still take him with me on vacations and really bad (as in, emergency) hospital trips.

    Otherwise, I used to play with my brother's Hot Wheels, and me and my brother each had half of the main Toy Story crew (well, kinda. I had Jesse and Woody, my bro had a smaller Woody and a Buzz with all the bells and whistles). We never got a Bullseye though...

    Even though I'm technically an adult, I've gotten away with keeping a lot of my toys because I 'collect' them. Which is a valid excuse, only because I collect Pokemon plushes.

    Oh, jesus. I remember all of these toys. My id is having a nostalgia-gasm... X.x

    But if I had to pick a favourite for myself, I'd have to go with the Ninja Turtles Blimp. Loved that thing. :)

    My original Star Wars figures (including a vinyl cape Jawa).
    Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.
    Shogun Warrior Mazinga.

    But my favourite was my little Snoopy. I've just bought one from eBay. 40 years old and in (nearly) perfect condition.

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