What's Your Favourite Frozen Treat?

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It's a bit hot in Australia right now, especially Sydney. Of course, that does legitimise one very important thing: frozen treats. So for this week's Off Topic, I want to know: what's your favourite frozen treat?

Anyone who's grown up in Australia will probably have a fond memory or two of Zoopa Doopers, although I was always partial to the way-too-cold-to-hold triangular Sunnyboys. You can't get them now: The Daily Juice Co announced a couple of years ago that they would stop production of the treat, due to a continued downslide in sales.

Fortunately, there's still Zoopa Doopers. And, more importantly, Calippos.

If the mercury isn't at levels conducive to melting thermoplastic, I'm always partial to a Magnum or Magnum-like dessert. If I'm feeling stingy, I'll go the $2 choc mint from 7-Eleven - fancier choc-mint ice creams often take inspiration from spearmint in toothpaste, than chocolate with mint. That said, Connoisseru's cookies and cream is always a good fall back. And if I'm at home, and can't be arsed wandering out into the heat, there's always custard (frozen or from the jug).

But what about you? What's your frozen go-to when the temperature is unbearable?


    Well most commonly I go for a quelch, the superior zoopa dooper.
    Basically just frozen fruit juice but much less sickly sweet.

    Out and about I'm not a big icecream/icypole person. As you said Alex calippo are great, gaytimes are for fridays and drumsticks > cornetto.

      Wait frozen custard. What is this wizardry Alex?
      I do enjoy a good frozen yougurt from time to time but never heard of frozen custard

        You can buy it from Coles and Woolies now. It's just like a really creamy vanilla ice cream. I didn't like it much.

    I'll often buy an Oak or Farmera Union flavoured milk and put them in the freezer, then eat them slowly over a couple of hours.

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    Frozen grapes. Just chuck grapes in the freezer and they are awesome to eat.

    We've recently gotten a thermomix and have been making all manner of awesome sorbet in it with fruit. Adding alcohol is also awesome.

    The kids got some awesome silicone icy pole moulds of various sea creatures that are seriously awesome. Each stick bit has a tail to hold, and then fish bones which are inside the treat. We've been making up yoghurt/berry mixtures in the thermo for them as well. You can pull them straight out and the mould just inverts. No hot water needed.

    Frosty Fruits! But Calippos are good too. And Cyclones. For Ice Cream it's the Strawberry and White Chocolate Magnum. Yum. Or vanilla ice cream with passionfruit or glace cherries.

    I dunno, but laying fresh fruit and ice blocks directly on what looks like the picnic table down at the local park seems to be bothering me...

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