Whoops, EA Forgot About Mass Effect

Whoops, EA Forgot About Mass Effect

*Sad slide-whistle sound*

Browsing Instagram last night, I noticed that the @insideea account was advertising for game designers for BioWare. What an exciting opportunity! Naturally, the ad spruiked the studio by mentioning its biggest known franchises and games…

Image: Inside EA Instagram

Notice something missing?

There’s been plenty of disappointment around Andromeda, but damn. And sure, the likes of Knights of the Old Republic and Baldur’s Gate aren’t mentioned either, but neither franchise had new title releases last year.

And while it’s likely that these roles are to actually work on Anthem, it still seems weird to not mention what is arguably their biggest franchise.

Poor Mass Effect.


  • that’s some mighty fine conclusion jumping there.

    maybe they only mentioned those games because they are the two franchises they’re currently working on.

    • This is almost certainly the reason, coupled with the fact that their tweet looks like it’s already at the 280 character limit so they couldn’t mention ME even if they wanted to.

      • I think if they added an ME hashtag there’d be either:

        pitchfork raising and complaints about ME:A, and the fans of ME:A all coming in and saying it wasn’t that bad, the conversation no longer becomes about Anthem or DA


        the assumption that maybe the job has the possibility of working on a new unannounced ME game. the conversation no longer becomes about Anthem or DA

        and because we’re so conditioned to raising our pitchforks at every mention of EA, either way the conversation is no longer about Anthem or DA

    • Given they won’t be working on a new ME series game til after Anthem and the new DA game are released (Edmonton has never worked on more than 2 consecutive series at once in the past, and this is likely why they farmed ME:A out to the B-team), I think you’ve struck the nail on the head there.

    • It’s absolutely this. Mass Effect is on the back burner for them, and had they mentioned it in a job ad people would be freaking out about the possibility of a new ME game when EA are just not working on one right now (and maybe not ever again, sadly)

  • Oh for fuck sake Bioware, come on!!

    Andromeda had issues but it was still a fine game that i had a lot of fun with and now your shunning the entire dam fucking franchise?

    God i hope Anthem crashes and burns and takes you with it

    • srsly dude? They didn’t mention it in a tweet and you hate them that hard?

      Get some perspective dude. It’s just a game. it doesn’t need to be mentioned in every communication with the public. Cripes!

  • And sure, the likes of Knights of the Old Republic and Baldur’s Gate aren’t mentioned either…Along with Jade Empire, NeverWinter Nights, MDK2, Shattered Steel and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

    • One part of me would give its left nut for another Jade Empire.

      The other part is skeptical that the Bioware of today could even do it justice.

      • Oh, they absolutely couldn’t do it justice. As far as I can tell, BioWare is simply EA in all but name at this point. Everything designed by committee to maximise sales and shareholder profits, and to hell with the creativity, innovation, and the gamers.

  • Seems like you’re blowing it out of proportion there. It was a small post, they mentioned two games…one of which is what they’re hiring for.

  • I think it would be more of a disservice to mention Mass Effect at this point and string along fans when there are no intentions to do anything with the IP at the moment.

    Thanks for that meme image though, it got a laugh 😉

  • No mention of The Old Republic either.. one of the most expensive games to be produced, then after EA bungled the release and marketing. Nearly destroyed Bioware in a restructure and conversion to free2play that initially hurt subscription numbers to a critical low until loot boxes became profitable 18 months later.

    Thus saving Bioware from more staff cuts and getting EA addicted to lootboxes…

    So with Anthem, if its bot a clear winner out before release, it will be the death of Bioware cause they wont be able to save themselves by delivering lootbox money to EA without a customer revolt.

  • I think you are reading this a little out of context.

    While it is true that the ad itself is lacking (probably written by one of those college dropouts BioWare writers that the developer is so proud of). Do note that BioWare currently only has two games in the development… new Dragon Age and Anthem.

    The ad reflects that…

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