Why People Are Freaking Out About Street Fighter's Ryu And Sakura

In the Street Fighter series, Sakura has always wanted to prove herself to her hero Ryu. In Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, the bar appears to have been raised.

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By Street Fighter 4, Sakura had a crush on Ryu, but now in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, the recent high-school grad ponders the bigger things in life and appears to want more from Ryu.

She doesn't explicitly say she wants to have Ryu's child, but Sakura talks about how everyone gets old and dies. Ryu says he's busy and cannot take on a disciple.

Sakura replies, "Well having a disciple is similar, but I meant... having children to create new bonds in our lives."

Having children. Our lives. That isn't very subtle!

Of course, what Sakura is saying seems to go over Ryu's head, and he replies, "I see... I've never thought of it. But, that is another type of strength." Sakura thanks him, and she then says this was what she was looking for.

Ryu replies that he was glad to have helped, adding, "I think you should seek out strength in your own way." Here is Sakura's reaction:

So, yeah, this is now canon! Street Fighter fan fiction community has enough fodder for an eternity.


    So pregnant Sakura costume as paid DLC?
    Also, if I buy this does that mean I don't have to purchase the previous content or are Capcom still ruining my street fighter experience with Fight Money and DLC?

      Ruining your experience with fightmoney?

      All fightmoney does is allow you to get DLC for free. How does that ruin your experience?

        See where I come from-- the 80's-- we unlocked extra characters and so forth via skill and commitment. Yes, I know you could argue that "Fight Money" is the same system essentially, but it is mindfully crafted to seem intimidating when compared to being able to throw money at the timehole fight money represents. I don't like it, it's detracted from my SF playing greatly. It's cool if you're cool with it though, I'm just too used to the old way to get behind this shit.
        I'm not a willing participant in the monetisation of fighting games outside of tourneys.

          where i come from -the 80's- we had to buy street fighter 2 five times, and street fighter 3 three times, because they kept rereleasing the game with new features and characters, why do people act like dlc characters are worse that what we had before, fighting games have been doing this for a long time, dlc just made it easier for them

            Buying SF III twice on Dream sat still cost less then all that DLC.
            Also, SF III was only release twice at the time (first two versions came as a twofer). And Third Strike was fresh and different from the predecessors enough that it feel like a new game. Your argument is invalid.

      Fight money and season passes are still a thing. Though at the moment the season passes are reduced in cost...

        It still makes my SF feel too much like Candy Crush. And yes, I am aware an aspect of my opinion makes me sound like a dad talking about the kids and their rap music.

          I totally understand your point of view. You either grind for ages online to gain BP to unlock things or you just whip out the good old credit card and buy everything at a huge cost. It’s a shameful and terrible idea, but it’s one that publishers have jumped on with force and will not let go of ever. So it’s either grind away, pay, or not play at all.

            And I've chosen the latter, I'm afraid.
            It's a shame in a way, but with epic SF DLC and a less than lacklustre MVC game in the past couple of years, alongside general shenanigans, I've closed Capcom as a chapter in the life of my fandom and I'm cool with it. They went with Konami.

    Sakura: Give me a baby!
    Ryu: You're like a daughter to me.
    Sakura: Sure, I'm down with roleplay, daddy!

    How did we get here?

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