Xbox Game Pass Now Gets New Microsoft Games On Day One

Xbox Game Pass Now Gets New Microsoft Games On Day One

Microsoft’s $10.95 a month Xbox game subscription service just got a bit more attractive. Starting with the March 20 release of Sea of Thieves, all new Microsoft Studios games will be available on the service on launch day.

The Xbox Game Pass offers subscribers access to more than 100 games from throughout Xbox history, allowing them to download and play as long as they are subscribed, with an option to purchase games outright at a discount. Announced today via a post on Xbox Wire, the expansion to include new Microsoft Studio games sweetens the deal considerably, giving subscribers day one access to Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2 and other upcoming games such as… well I’m sure they have got more games in the works. Maybe some of that Halo or Forza.


  • That’s a bold move Microsoft. Some value there if you’re going to dip in for just two new releases a year.

    • I think it might say a lot about (1) the quantity of MS Studio published games; (2) the expected sales of those games; and/or (3) MS’s desperation to grow the service.

  • Yeah, but if you stop paying you lose access to the game, no? I’d rather pay $60 once and get a game I like. Only benefit is if you’re on the fence about a game, or plan on playing it quickly.

    I had a similar mindset when I subbed to Gamefly. Basically, I felt that if I could play 2-3 games a month, I’d be ‘beating gamefly’ But it put an absurd about of stress on to me to game, and eventually it took the fun out of gaming.

  • This is incredibly pro consumer. M$ just keeps Doing things for the consumer.

    This is the best value deal you could have.

      • Rupert Murdoch is going to have to buy out Microsoft and show them how to run a business proper. It’s for their own good really.

  • That is pretty interesting, I guess the fading hype around their multiplayer only sea of theives has gotten them worried.

    I must say that with this offer I will indeed check it out, as I had literally no intention of paying full price for it

  • Bring out something that makes it worth actually buying an X-Box Microsoft. Then we’ll talk.

  • Great and totally unexpected move from Microsoft. Glad I signed up for it now.

    No way you’d catch Sony doing this, they’ve got way more exclusives.

      • We can only hope. Because all we have so far is Sea Of Thieves, State Of Decay 2, Crackdown 3 and Forza Horizon 4.

        • MS has been pretty open that its gearing up first party production again…. this will likely be a dry year though whilst those games get completed.

  • Don’t want to be negative Nancy, I do think this is a pretty interesting deal (although I’m starting to distrust subscriptions like this, they are counting on you spending $80 to hang on to access to a $60 game), but I have some reservations.

    Once you add the cost of Gold on to this, you are paying upwards of $200 a year, and if you ever cancel, you have nothing to show for it.

    The other thing to remember is you only have access to this game for as long as it’s on the service. So if Microsoft only leave new releases on the platform for three months (or until the next exclusive is released), you’re left either buying the game for 80% of the xbox live cost, or having to buy a physical release.

    Prove me wrong, Xbox. Prove me wrong.

    • Games with gold games stay in your library after your sub expires. So that’s still 48 games a year you get to keep.

        • Damn I just checked this. That is sneaky…….

          You have access to the games if you maintain subscription and the game remains in the game pass. Wow……so they can literally remove a game you are 100 hours into without you knowing about it. then you’re left to buy the game to finish it. Seems pretty dodgy now I think about it.

          Apparently the Xbox exclusives will be permanently available on the service. That said… won’t find FM7 nor FM Horizon 3 on the service this morning.

          So while I’m keen to give it a go, I’m very skeptical.

          • It’s exactly the Netflix method. I’ve got half way through a few tv series only for Netflix to lose the rights. I imagine anything owned by Microsoft will stay up indefinitely like all Netflix Originals.

            I think it’s a great deal for the right person, especially those people that are coming to consoles for the first time this generation and would like to try a wide range of things. My only issue is that too many of the game on the service are 360 games that you can pick up for $5 – $10 second hand. It’s the same reason that I’m not feeling like I’m missing out not having access to Playstation Now.

  • If i had the internet connection to support such i thing i would pay for this in a heartbeat. But given that downloading even one of these games would take several days its more efficent to just buy a physical copy.

  • I just signed up for the 14 day free trial and has since finished Mad Max and Darksiders Warmaster. 10.95AUD a month is pretty good considering game prices here in Kangarooland. 10.95 for a game I have a month to finish instead of 40-90AUD and have 7 days to to finish so I can get a refund, and even then, used games only.

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