You Can Own The Sword From Sword Art Online 

[GIF via Cerevo]

In Sword Art Online, the blade main character Kirito carries is the Elucidator. A full-scale replica is coming out, and it not only looks like the anime's popular sword, but is packed full of hi-tech features.

The sword has an internal 6-axis sensor, so its sound effects can correspond to how it is swung. It also has 2,000 LED lights, a voice recognition feature, and smartphone connectivity.

The 1/1 scale Elucidator is slated to be released in mid-2018. Price has not yet been announced.


    Price may make your eyes water!...

      Which is why he got the bargain bin Black Beater cosplay kit.
      Not sure if its the audio recording, but those sounds don't sound "on point" with the anime. Distorted or not sound balanced, or haven't they got the rights to the sounds yet.

    I can't wait to buy an overpriced piece of plastic!

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