A Golf Game For People Who Hate Golf

I like golf video games but detest the actual sport of golf. And so here I am, very excited to see a game catering specifically to this set of interests.

The brief for WHAT THE GOLF? opens with "Golf is boring - Help us fix it!", and I am 100% down for that. The game takes the absolute basic premise of golf - hit a thing with another thing to push it toward something else - and blows it up, with stages like this:

And this:

And this:


WHAT THE GOLF? is being developed for PC, and is currently up on fig looking for funding.

Below is one of the funniest video game trailers I have seen for a long time.


    HA! I thought I was the only one.
    I love everybody’s golf and certain other golf games but dislike actual golf.

      I don't dislike golf, as such - I don't watch it and don't play it, but don't hate it, either. But damn, I do love a bit of Everybody's Golf. Awesome games.

        Everybodys Golf is brilliant. NICE SHOT!

          Yeah, there aren't too many games that provide as much positive reinforcement as Everybody's Golf :D


            PangYa! was fantastic too. Nothing like a Happy Gilmore hole-in-one off a battleship.

    Obviously never played 9 holes with a bunch of mates and a case of beer.

      Only it's a blow to the ego when the case of beer ends up winning the round.

    I can't play it or watch it - but I love Happy Gilmore and Everybody's Golf.

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