A Loser From The Anime Series Is Now One Of Dragon Ball FighterZ's Biggest Badasses

Android 16 drew the short straw in the Dragon Ball Z anime series. A villain-turned-hero, he was designed to kill Goku, but he mostly just got wrecked by Cell for the better part of the show's run.

He ends up being a nice pal, but really, Android 16's defining moments in the series combat-wise are when he takes his arms off to reveal cannons and shoots Cell, only to fail at keeping him from eating the other androids anyways, and when his head gets crushed by Cell's foot, leading Gohan to go Super Angsty Emo Saiyan 2 and beat Cell for good.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, though, he gets his moment in the spotlight. He kicks major arse. At the recent Next Level Battle Circuit, players were finding incredible combos and loops with him, like this nasty series of command-throws that repeatedly dunk Goku's spiky hair into the surface of the moon.

Pros like Dominique "SonicFox" McLean, an already accomplished Mortal Kombat, Injustice, and Marvel Vs. Capcom player, have been using the grappling android to tremendous effect. In last night's NLBC finals, he used the combination of piledrivers, crushing kicks, and an assist from Goku Black to pound Piccolo into the dirt.

Alongside his devastating grapples, Android 16 also has a self-destruct move which saps almost every ounce of his life in exchange for huge damage. It's a weird move, but pros like McLean have busted it out for an extra punctuation mark on a win.

McLean has put up a Twitter moment where he aggregates all his tech for characters like Android 16. Browsing through it is further proof that 16 is possibly the most hype character in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


    I thought Yamcha was supposed to be the fan favourite "Loser turned badass" character.

      Yamcha is so damned good in this, and literally all he did in the anime was nicely fill out a small crater.


    16 was always a "badass"

      "I love birdies... MUST KILL SON-GOKU!"
      I feel bad that he never got to fulfill his dream.

    he's scary in the game, in some situations if you recover in the wrong direction mid air he will punish you hard.

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