A Tool For Improving Aim That Uses AI And Analytics

Image: Aimlab

If you've tried to get better at any twitch shooter, chances are you'll have Googled up a guide or video on how to aim better. But while plenty of players have tips and training tricks they swear by, there's little in the way of regimented, analytical tools. Enter stage right, Aim Lab.

Due to launch later this year, Aim Lab is basically a comprehensive aim training simulator that blends a series of familiar techniques with analytics and AI.

The general principle is to use performance metrics and analytics to identify specific weaknesses in a player's reactions, tracking and accuracy. If a player is better at flicking to enemies on the left of the screen instead of the right, Aim Lab will tell you. And if you're trying to react too quickly and buggering up your accuracy as a result, you'll find that out too.

Beta testers have had access to the game for a few months, and while the full version will have more targets, maps and modes, you can get a general sense of what to expect from some user footage below:

An interview with Motherboard states that the game's weapon physics are modelled after PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but the full version of the software will allow users to customise guns to closely mirror other games, such as Counter-Strike or Soldier 76's rifle, if so desired. The developers are also working on integrating an in-game converter for sensitivities between different games, so users can convert their settings from Aim Lab into any other shooter.

Aim Lab is scheduled for an early access sometime around midnight/early tomorrow morning, according to the official website.


    Best tip for improving your aim in a game: Play the game.

      You'd be surprised what osu! and Aim hero have done for my aiming outside of playing the actual game itself.

      These simulators aim (no pun intended) to push your performance to its outer skill limit consistently without a single lull. This helps incredibly with endurance and muscle control.

      That goes without saying that playing the game itself is the best way to improve your in game strategy, however when it comes to pure mechanical aim skill, I stand by these simulators and look forward to what Aim Lab can do to improve my aim further.

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