After 210 Hours On Kingdom Hearts' Destiny Islands, Man Reaches Level 100

AaroneousGaming is a trooper. For the past month, he's been grinding through Destiny Islands in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + II.5 Remix. And on Monday, he reached Level 100.

[GIF via AaroneousGaming]

That's right, Level 100 in Sora's home islands. You know, the extended tutorial where you're supposed to get the hang of Kingdom Hearts and not where you're supposed to spend 210 hours reaching Level 100.

Congrats to AaroneousGaming for achieving this amazing feat.

You can watch more of AaroneousGaming's Twitch streams here or follow him on Twitter right here.



      There were people who did this back in the ps2 era. Nice to see that they still carry out these personal challenges.

    In the first Guild Wars, theres an achievement for getting to max level in the tutorial zone. Even though the max level is only 20, it wasnt the easiest thing to do.

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