Amazon’s 1TB Minecraft Xbox One S Bundle Is Now $220

Amazon’s 1TB Minecraft Xbox One S Bundle Is Now $220

Remember how Amazon were selling the Minecraft 1TB Xbox for $298 yesterday? Well for whatever reason, that same console is now a hell of a lot cheaper.

As pointed out by matt1234 and TAYbie regular Trikeabout, Amazon Australia has updated the price on their Minecraft limited edition 1TB console.

Yesterday you could grab the 1TB bundle, with a month of Xbox Game Pass and Minecraft, for $298. Now, because why not, that same bundle will cost you $219.98:

Amazon’s 1TB Minecraft Xbox One S Bundle Is Now $220

Definitely the same bundle. And definitely a lot cheaper (I logged into a couple of Australian accounts to make sure).

If you’re looking for a new console or just a 4K Blu-Ray player, you will 1000% not find a better deal than this. And I have no idea how long it’ll be around for, but I wouldn’t wait too long. Find out more over at Amazon Australia.


  • Nice. I have been looking for a cheap One S as a media player for my dad.
    I saw a 500gb bundle with 2 games for $200 last week in Aldi but when i came back a few days later it was gone.

    The console looks pretty garish but i don’t think he cares.

  • That price is insanely good. Heck, a controller is what $80- or something, and the game card is worth another $20- or so… I reckon I’ll grab one just for the blu-ray player upgrade for the bedroom as the old X360 doesn’t cut it anymore.

    Any takers for a minecraft code,… going cheap 🙂

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